Recommended Cartridge repair service

Very nice fellow, Steve Leung.
Vinyl Audio Service
Cliffwood, NJ

I can’t say my Linn Ekstatik sounds exactly as it did originally, I don’t have the aural memory for that. But it sounds glorious and with sound quality attributes that I remember being so happy with when it was new.
And his turnaround was only a couple weeks.
Very highly recommended.


For reals? I waited 9 months for you know who to repair a cartridge for me.

I am happy your booboo is better!

$650. and two weeks. I couldn’t be more pleased.


I have one I may need repaired, which “you know who” is this that took 9 months. I need it way sooner. 2 weeks is kinda light speedy…


Before I sent my cartridge to VAS, I spoke to Peter Lederman. Peter told me that he couldn’t guarantee that he could fix it, sapphire cantilevers are hard to get, the repair would take “several months” and would cost around $1500.
I’m very happy with the result from VAS.

Ok this cartridge happens to be a Soundsmith (painful ordeal at any price) so I’m just going to have someone else do it. As I age so do these industry leaders and I can’t help but think…if that guy steps out of the canoe, imagine that money you’ll never find after you have it sit there for 19 months. I’ve only broken a few over the years but it’s still like a cramp with a sliver in it. Thanks for the answer Ron.

I respect Peter. I just never want to do business with him again.

He’s trying to do too much himself. He told me that he doesn’t have anyone who he would trust for a high end cartridge repair. I was glad he couldn’t see the thought bubble above my head.


Unfortunately, there are many fine long time Craftsmen in the Audio Industry that will not, or can not pass their craft on.

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Sad but true, Vandersteen comes to mind. Richard hand builds each carbon tweeter himself. When I last spoke with him he was training several individuals to do it but he admitted they struggled with it.

My friend told me she ran 10 miles the other day…I was so inspired I went down the basement! I can’t fix a cartridge so I’m going to roustabout school. Inspiration.