Beware of Robert and need recommendation

7 years old
cute but evil
Mother’s name is Karen (really)
Sad story: I was sent to the market for Quinoa (pronounced but not spelled, god knows why, Keenwah)
Returned with the “organic” version of an organic product to find that my tonearm has somehow left it’s locking perch and is laying on the top plate. Feeling sick.
Cantilever looks straight, pick a record, lower cueing arm and the arm flies straight across like there’s a half off sale at the spindle.
Seems there’s no longer a stylus to find the groove.
I so liked my Kiseki Purpleheart.
I don’t like Robert.
Has anyone used Peter Lederman for a re-tip? If yes, how’d it work out?
btw–I’m pretty sure Robert and Karen are in the witness protection program, living next door to Ray Liotta.


Oh man! Sad story. Bet his parents are horrified, I assume the parents don’t know the value.

I have a 3 year old grandson that’s in my house a lot. I let him get really close to my system and speakers, there’s no way around it. My system and grandson are part of everyday life. So far, so good. An accidental hand though the cones sure seems possible. He is well trained but still 3.

Ouch! I feel your pain. Probably best to give Peter a call on Monday, considering no stylus it may never be the same.

I can’t offer a valid assessment of SoundSmith’s work … yet. I sent my Shelter 901 in on September 1 to have them evaluate it. I posted in the stylus cleaning thread a photo of the diamond which was hidden by a wad of “goo” even though I cleaned it regularly. Soundsmith acknowledged receipt on September 13 (I assume it was in the queue since they received it on September 7) and got back with the assessment the next day. While the cartridge could have been used as is, it had some wear and the cantilever was skewed a little, they recommended a rebuild with boron cantilever and line contact stylus for $450. I said do it and expected a six to eight week wait. To my surprise they said it was done on September 21! It was shipped as soon as I paid and I got it in three days. I was out of town at the time, back home now, but have not had time to mount it. This is something I don’t want to rush … If I get to it in the next few days I’ll post an assessment.

My only advice at this stage is now may be an excellent time to get the work done!


Well, ever since Dwayne left “for cigarettes”, we’ve been pretty much supporting Karen. She’s a friend since childhood; like a sister who is guaranteed to pick the wrong pill.
No, she doesn’t know there’s a problem at all.
And Robert, can go one of two ways. I’m trying to steer the little fart. He has promise.
Purplehearts sound great. I hope mine still does after the re-tip. So far, everyone I’ve talked to says they never sound the same. We shall see.
And it should take a while. Peter is recovering very slowly from Covid.


That’s an ouchie boo boo…no good o

Did the tone arm survive?..Might want to check
the tonearm’s mounts and precision movements…

Sad to hear that RonP

Wish you the best

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Kind reminds me of Paris, Texas, the film.

Regarding the cart, send it to SoundSmith for evaluation and repair. You may want a back-up cart, as a just in case. May I suggest a Hana SL or move up a notch to the Hana ML Micro-Line. Low output is preferred when considering Hana cartridges.

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Paris, Texas is the name of a movie?
I was ready to buy a Hana ML but I got a great deal on a Sumiko Starling which I’m going to install in the morning. I had a Blackbird and I loved it. The Starling is the Blackbird’s replacement.

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Friend of mine moved from a Blackbird to the Hana ML and is thrilled with it. He is a huge Jazzer.
Just thought you might enjoy it.

Wim Wenders film featuring Harry Dean Stanton. It is a bit of a road movie featuring a drifter. It has a Ry Cooder soundtrack which sets the mood perfectly.

Should you choose to view the film you may want to give it some time since your recent “Karen” episode.



One of the reasons I bought a SoundSmith cartridge is because you can get a replacement cantilever for 20% of the cartridge new price. I’ve had a Koetsu Urushi for years that has been retipped and had a new cantilever - sounds great but it kills the value. So my view is the you would be better off buying a new SoundSmith.

I’m fortunate my kids haven’t thought to remove the protective sheath from the cartridge. The arm has left its perch unwillingly a few times.

Sorry for your loss.

Peter is the equivalent of Ted, but for cartridges.

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Ron, ouch again! Really sorry to hear about this. As to SS, yes Peter and his very small team do excellent work. I had my Benz SL redone by SS. Came out great. Does it sound exactly the same as a stock SL? Hmm, maybe, maybe not. I really can’t tell. But IMHO, you’ll get it back from SS sounding great, and perhaps actually better (if a little different).

Steve Leung also does very nice work. Good luck.

Thanks Tony. I’ve heard nothing but raves about SS.
I spoke to Peter Green there and he told me that PL is recovering very slowly from covid, so it will take longer than usual because cartridges above a certain level are repaired only by him. I like that.
I’m in no hurry. I just finished setting up a Sumiko Starling and it sounds terrific right out of the box.

Yep. PL did my Benz. He knows his stuff! :slightly_smiling_face:

Damn, that’s a bummer Ron!

Having a spare cart that you also enjoy is almost a requirement…

Could be weeks or longer for a re-tip whether due to an interaction with Robert or death by natural causes

Having a spare that suits your rig saves from making a quick decision on a new cart or buying something on the cheap as a “bridge” that is lacking in some way and has you increasing the work load on your digital set-up


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I completely agree. I have learned that buying something cheap as a holdover for anything is bad economics for me as once the object of my affection is in place, the “cheap” thing is forgotten and suddenly a complete waste of money.
I’ve been eyeing an SME 310 for, among other features, the replaceable headshell.
I’m really enjoying this new Sumiko Starling.


Starling owner here. You’re going to like it. Pay attention to loading and Sumiko’s recommendation for anti-skate, which is somewhat unusual but reads like a lessons learned from users setting AS with calibration records. After a fair amount of experimentation I’ve loaded mine with 200 ohms via my Rega Aura phono stage. I like the extra smidge of midbass to upper midrange sweetness I achieve with that loading (7.1X the internal impedance, over the > 100 ohm limit recommended by Sumiko). Btw I use mine in a SME 309. Sings nicely.

Do they make an electrified turntable cover?

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