Recs. for RCM cleaning solutions

What are folks using for their RCMs these days? I have been using the VPI 1 oz. concentrate which makes 1 gallon when mixed with distilled water for a very reasonable $25. Before I order some more are there other options I should consider. I don’t really want to do a two or more step process, so looking for a single step solution (ha!).

I’ve used this for 10 plus years with no issues, but I follow-up with a distilled water rinse:

For heavy cleaning:
1 Gallon distilled water
16 oz 90% isopropyl alcohol
6 drops photo flow

For general cleaning:
1 gallon water
4 oz 90% isopropyl alcohol
6 drops photo flow

RCM is one of two VPI 16.5s
I do recommend a rinse it adds an additional 2-3 minutes per record.
I have cleaned in excess of 7,000 LPs this way with no regrets.


Thanks - I also have a VPI 16.5 and have used a similar homebrew solution as well. I found that even with the VPI concentrate, adding some isopropyl helped with its tendency to bead up (as recommended by elusive disc).

I’ve used quite a few commercial and DIY formulas but the one I keep coming back to (and sounds the best) is L’Art du Son. I’ve learned to keep the working mixture in the refrigerator, it lasts longer there vs. room temperature. I always follow the L’art du Son cleaning cycle with a distilled water rinse.