RMAF 2019 Setup

Just arrived at RMAF! Our room is a loooooooong way away from the event, think 3/4 mile. Looking forward to all the cool equipment.

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Walked my a** off over the past two days as a CAS volunteer. The place is huge…


…staffers there told me that the Gaylord Rockies is the SMALLEST of the Gaylord properties.

Mind blown.

Don’t get me wrong the hotel is outstanding and much better than previous venues. It is huge which is nice BUT having the RMAF site booking a block of rooms as far from the actual show venue is absurd!

I chose to stay in Boulder at a B&B versus the Gaylord in Denver. From your experience it seems to be the right choice. Especially considering the Gaylord is out in the middle of no where., not counting the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and the Denver Airport.

Please note that the hotel offered a different room last evening but my wife had already unpacked (like she was moving in for a month) so decided to stay and get the exercise walk. Thank you RMAF.

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Does anyone have any pictures of the PSA room?

See my post # 1666 in the New PS Audio Speakers thread.

The AN3 system setup was only a portion of the total space. There were static displays of most every component that PS Audio makes. The listening area was defined by a “pipe and drape” enclosure.

The PS audio room was outstanding in staging the product line and the sound. Paul as always is a gentleman and greeted at the door.


image image

Great sound. Especially with the sampling of LPs brought by Michael Fremer.



Nice ambiance!

What I’d like to hear is liveliness/dynamics, coherence, holographic imaging and disappearance in terms of acoustic signature within the frequency spectrum :wink:

Damn, won’t hear them for years in Europe I guess.

So much at stake in such a short time.

Darren and Michael Fremer spin some of Mikey’s awesome vinyl rarities:


Those are great flicks, Mark! Fremer’s talk had the room packed to the gills. It was really excellent and I look forward to another of his talks today.

That was SO fun - always enjoy Mikey’s sense of humor and passion for good vinyl. He had some pressings that just made my hair stand on end from the first notes - or in the case of some of the jazz, were sonically deserving of one of my highest accolades in my old age - “like a hot bath” : )


And his Stairway to Heaven copy was a jaw dropper. I am stealing your photos for tomorrow’s Paul’s Post. :slight_smile:

Good to have a real photographer on scene. Thanks.


That one had me asking myself, “Where is a Bic lighter when I need one?” It got a round of applause, but I felt like we all needed to raise our lighters up in salute. I really hope it will be possible to have some of these gems released one day. Chad Cassem and others have fought the good fight to properly source the masters, and truly done sonic justice to them - only to have the Label or the Band deny them the right to release them. Truly a loss to music and the community.


I have heard Stairway sound good before. But never Immigrant Song. It always sounds flat - and that song has no reason to sound flat. Did he play any other Zep off those pressings?

That wasn’t the white album cover I saw there was it?

No - just Stairway off that one. But it was one of those, “Who knew there was all that quality and creamy goodness in that chestnut?” sort of deals. Could’ve done that demo all day long, but he only had an hour or so, most of it playing really really nice pressings of a track, and then not-so-nice ones for a few seconds (all it takes) so we know what we’re getting (or not).

All his unreleased pressings seemed to be in white sleeves, so no - not the White Album. In some cases, beautiful, faithful sleeves had been created and printed for the reissue, only to have the project shot down - and the reissuer got to eat the cost of that and the vinyl.

In one marked case, “Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire” from Joni Mitchell’s “For The Roses” was simply a clean copy of the original Atlantic pressing (pretty sure that being Atlantic/Asylum at that point). Holy cow. Nice. Got one here somewhere… in the mean time, just to be sure, ordered an allegedly clean one for about $40 (they go up towards $200):man_shrugging:t2:

Ahh I miss my vinyl fixations. :slight_smile: I still think vinyl is about ‘the process’. I liked it. Thumb on edge…middle finger on center hole… zerostat…disc washer…line up and drop needle…listen to 5 songs and do it all over again. Then take it off the same way and put it back in the sleeve and put the album in its proper alphabetical place in your Peaches crate. I loved it !

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