Reference sounds for tuning

We all use some test sounds and or reference music to align our systems as we make changes .
We also use the above to evaluate new devices especially DACS . There seems to be an upward motion Of better digital reproduction at cheaper price points. And to really know what is better at what parts of the music and or genre ,s this post could be very helpful to all of us.
So let’s list some music and or test tracks . But do not just list comment on why and how it’s used . As I am
Fairly new to hi end and i lIke most of us have been listening to music all of my live .

So my list.
Red book count Basie Kansas City shout . Pablo label
Tracks 1 / 2 /10
The music is very dynamic has extreme clarity and bass texture along with low level detail .
The vocals are such they convey small inflections as he sings . Lesser systems will not display many of the traits While a transparent will. Even the brushed symbols have air around them almost at a constant .
Lesser systems sound like it’s hissing air but the good ones show it’s real sound.

Sad lisa cat Stevens weather it’s flac or the new dsd from acoustic tracks . This track has most of what we need for great digital reproductions.
It has two types of piano one standard and one digital. As piano is very difficult to reproduce it shows the level we are at. Also the strings are mixed in and out as the piano as well . The constant mixing makes us have to really pay attention and this leads us to hearing the subtle sounds of the change .
Cats vocals are close up and gives a us the realism we need for a great system synergy .
Buena vista social club track 6 Anos.
It has vocals that if reproduced well depicts all the singers and there different voices . It also has some very nice strings and they mix in and out as well . The above music varies greatly from one device to the next .

Please comment for all,of us I in know way claim to understand how it all comes together but I do know hiw it sounds greet for me. Let’s help me and all of us .


A link to some great music to use as well


Thinks Al.

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This recent release by Opus3 is a favorite for me.

First and foremost, I really enjoy the music.

Also the excellent recording quality, especially DSD but CD as well, serves a delicious platter of piano, percussion and bass and is a wonderful way to begin a DSD listening and testing library whether you are a jazz lover or not.

Gösta Rundqvist – Treecircles

It is available from a few sites and above is for reference.