Rega Naia Considerations

The Rega Naia turntable has been on the market now for several months and reviews generally favorable are trickling out. I’ve been lookin forward to its release to see just what Rega could offer and at what price. I’ve yet to audition the Naia, so no opinion formed yet. To a slight degree the comparison of the Rega P10 to the Naia, and consideration of the differences between the Apheta 3, typically supplied with a P10, and the Aphelion 2 included with the Naia has me wondering how much improvement can be credited to the Aphelion 2 and how much to the Naia. More importantly at what price. I have a Rega P8, among other turntables, with the Apheta 3 cartridge and am very pleased with it.

A link to the video review is provided. Rega fans and the curios may enjoty this reviewer’s frankness, a bit of a surprise.

Rega Naia

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First, I was laughing at the start because the ad before the review was some musclehead guy hawking some strength building stuff, and then Harley’s video starts with that oh so genteel music, and visuals of setting up a classical recording. Just too ironically funny. :joy: But a really interesting review! I wish more reviews were as level headed and objective sounding.


I like his reviews. He did a great job on this one, eliminating every variable by keeping cartridge, cables, phono stage the same between the two tables.
I came away with the impression that the biggest bang for buck would be the Apheta to Aphelion.
BTW–Fremer just reviewed the Naia quite favorably.

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Harley Lovegrove (his name is like a character created by Mike Myers’ ! :wink: Harley changed his opinion after going back to the P10 and he’s bought the Naia.

I’ve heard P8, P10 and Naia side by side with all three T/Ts sporting the same model of cartridge, Apheta.

The jump from P10 to Naia is bigger, radically more significant than going P8 to P10. The Naia / Aphelion connected to the Aura phono amplifier is very, very special indeed !!!


Here is the Link to that review.


Now that’s a wonderful review. I really enjoyed turntable reviews in particular because they are so easy to relate to- being about a mechanical device. Digital reviews, such as in DACs, are often so far over my head I often end up more perplexed than informed.

I loved that Harley ultimately decided to buy the Naia, demonstrating that even he like so many of us in this hobby are willing to spend considerable sums for marginal gains.


Clearly Harley is sharing his opinion, and by posting this did I intend for it to be the last word on the Rega Naia. I too like his balanced approach.

Harley indicated ultimately he was going for the Rega Naia with Aphelion 2, and explained why. He preferred it sonically and felt it was most appropriate for demoing his speaker line. In terms of a value based decision he leaned towards the P10 Aphelion 2. I’d like to audition the Naia Aphelion 2 Aura combination, but here its Music Direct in Chicago with less than ideal demos. The other option is Holm Audio.