Regenerator More Improvement Sound or Video

After reading Paul’s article on how a Power Plant improves TV picture quality I tried my Stellar Power Plant 3 on my home theater and surely the picture quality on my Sony Master OLED improved. However, I also hear an improvement to my stereo system which I keep in a different room of the house. Currently I can not buy a second Power Plant. So I’m looking for opinions. Do you think you get more improvement to music or picture quality with your Power Plant? I’ve been switching between my home theater and stereo and honestly I think they are both excellent and I’m not sure which is best. Let me know which you think is more significant with your comparisons.

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I really don’t think this is an answer you can get from someone else. I’m not sure there is a right answer. I’ve played with both and was surprised to see a pleasant improvement in picture quality on my oled. I still value the improvement in sound quality over the improvement video quality. Fortunately, I don’t have to choose in my setup at the moment.

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It’s frustrating. I’m switching between a high end Furman power conditioner and the Stellar Power Plant 3. I removed the PP from my stereo and added the Furman and the sound seems exactly the same but somehow sounds “off.” I’m not sure why. But today when I put the PP back on my home theater where I normally keep the Furman I did not see any difference in picture quality. Yesterday I saw a notable improvement on my TV with the PP when I switched them. I’m so confused and wondering if this is all just placebo effect. Because honestly I don’t hear any difference in my stereo except this sense that something is missing without the PP. What I especially don’t understand is why did the TV look SO much better with the PP the past 2 times I tried it yet today I see no improvement? You know people are always telling me I need a different hobby. lol Maybe they are right.

Hahahaha. It can definitely drive you crazy. Perhaps the difference in your experience with the tv was related to source material?

I’ll also add that in my experience with the stellar pp3 I found the biggest change for the better when I connected my network gear to it as well. At the time it was integrated amp, server/streamer(via hdplex 200 lps), router, modem, ds dac, tv if I recall.

After two days of switching it back and forth I’ve determined that the Power Plant improves video quality more than sound quality. Today I do see a major improvement to my TV again. It’s very easy to see. However, on my stereo I really do believe the improvement is subtle. I honestly can’t tell if I am genuinely hearing improvement or just imagine that I am. I have a highly resolving system but the Power Plant seems to just give me a “sense” of higher quality. When I switch to the Furman conditioner the stereo feels like it’s missing something but I can’t tell what. In a perfect would I would buy two Power Plants for each system but for now I think I get greater value connected to my home theater system. Besides, I watch far more TV and movies than listening to music. I do think that the Power Plant is valuable for sound but it just seems to work even better for video. I’d still love to know what others think.

My focus is 2 channel listening but I do have my completely separate HT system on the P10. Completely separate other than sharing the power source.

I noticed a distinct improvement in video mostly in less ‘mosquito’ noise. The audio of my HT also took a distinct tick upward.

2 channel I noticed greatly improved dynamics.

I should mention my power plant, P10, is fed from a dedicated, 20ft, 10awg circuit. This dedicated circuit contributed as much if not more than the P10 did.

I would not want to be without the P10 and once the P15 is ‘older’ tech I will likely upgrade to it but I expect the returns will be in the diminishing category.