P10 or stellar phono

Just wondering, I’m using a PS power director 3.5 pretty much three ultimate outlets in one box. been using it for years, In todays world how does it hold up against todays power conditioners, I would love to upgrade to a used P10 but funds are limited and I think id rather go for the new stellar phono first.

If I were you, I would get the Stellar Phono first. I consider conditioners tweaks. Get your main ingredients or components right first, then I would save for a new Regenerator. Old ones you don’t know if it has problems or when it will break on you. I was using a bunch of Ultimate outlets before and they were not too bad sounding.

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hi james, i only listen to digitally sourced music, so not much of a vinyl hound anymore. But I will say, when I added a used P10 into my system - the entire soundstage took on new life. A P10 will improve the performance of your entire system. two thumbs up from my experience. good luck. i know the new phono stage looks killer! cheers, TJ

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Hey James,

My $0.02 is that it would depend on how bad or good your power is. I’m pretty fortunate in that our utilities are underground and the transformer is right at our sidewalk snug in it’s bunker. I’m running an older PPP and incoming THD on the line is generally around 1.2%. A while ago I picked up a powerline noise analyzer, and the circuit feeding the listening room is dead quiet. So in my case, I feel that the next $$ spent will be to seek more cost effective improvements elsewhere.

Depending on what you’re using for a phono stage, I’d lean towards the Stellar. I (as well as others) are in the beta program and will be posting impressions/ informal reviews of the Stellar when the Home Office in Boulder cuts them loose, so stay tuned.

Start with the foundation of your system, which is power. As said above, everything that’s plugged into your regenerator will sound better. I would start with the P10.


Yeh, I’m also on the side of the P10. The improvements due to the power regenerator are nothing less than startling. Even if you’re getting pretty ‘clean’ power from your particular feed, getting perfect, rock-steady, 230V power with gobs of current headroom is, and will be, to your continuing benefit (IMHO).

Clearly everyone has a preferred way. I fall in the camp where I would like to get the most out of my LPs so I would go with the phono. I see adding a power regenerator as the final step in building a system.

Seeing that you already have a PS director I assume you are getting some benefit out of it. The big question is what are your currently using for a phono preamp?

Currently an Avid Pellar, and I enjoy it but think its a little dark. thanks

I would definitely give Stellar Phono a try. Just return it if it does’nt work for you. Sorry to say, but I think you’re not getting what your lp system is capable of. No disrespect, but I think Avid Pellar is junk. But of course you will need a decent cartilage and turntable also.
No amount of electrical conditioning can help you if you don’t have the right components.