REL Longbow for subwoofer connection

Has anyone tried REL’s Longbow wireless connection, or upgraded the stock high level connection cable? How did it go?

Yes, and I did not hear a difference between the direct high-level connection and using the sub wirelessly. I’ve since added a second sub using the same Longbow – a nice perk that doesn’t require more wires!

BTW, I originally used the stock high-level cable, then upgraded to a custom one. The Longbow responded positively, letting the improvements shine through.


I too have a pair of REL S/5 SHO’s connected via longbow to a pair of BHK300’s. Works and sounds great. My only comment is regarding “Stand-by HUM”… Supposedly you have to get the ground wire adapter kit from PSAudio to avoid having HUM with the amps in stand-by mode. I got the kits from PSAudio ahead of getting the REL’s installed but never had any issue with HUM without the Ground Wire connected on the back of the BHK’s… Only when I DID install the ground wire to the PSAudio ground adaptor on the back of the BHK’s did I then get HUM when the BHK’s were in stand-by mode… Go figure… So, the ground wires from the Longbows remain unconnected and all is good.

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It is good news that the Longbow system works well. I did wonder if timing would be upset by using wireless rather than cable.

I was looking into maybe using REL’s Bassline blue cable as this is supposed to eliminate the peak in frequency response around 40 Hz they refer to in their blog, although I can’t say I’d noticed it. The Longbow transmitter is the same price as 6m of Bassline blue cable and eliminates the cable run so it seems a bit of a no-brainer that using Longbow is a better solution for me.

Regarding hum, I had it on my Carbon Limited sub with my BHK250 both in standby and on if I floated the black wire. Grounding that to the chassis with PS Audio’s grounding screw eliminates hum whilst the BHK250 is on, but it returns when it is in standby. Rel have offered to provide their ‘network’ kit for around £45 which should eliminate hum entirely. But I would guess that using Longbow may well eliminate the hum entirely also without needing the ‘network’ kit.

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Just to update for anyone interested … Using a Longbow in lieu of a hi-level cable connection did not eliminate hum which surprised me.

What did was earthing the black wire from the Longbow connection to the amp chassis with one of PS Audio’s grounding screws, together with a REL network kit which REL made up for me for £40.

Anyone with a REL Carbon Limited should know that there is an issue (known to REL) if using it in conjunction with a Longbow which I came across. Namely, that an annoying piercing buzz is audible whenever the Longbow is turned on. Not what you expect! Anyway, long story short: REL took my Carbon Limited back to the factory and modified it free of charge. It now functions perfectly.