AudioQuest Cable Upgrades and REL Line-Array

Adding a REL subwoofer line-array to my system and upgrading my cables.

The folks at AudioQuest were helpful, detailed, and patient. I consulted with Isaac Markowitz and Steve Parker via numerous phone conversations. Isaac went above and beyond my expectations, getting excited about what I was trying to achieve with my system offering ideas and recommendations helping me to get the most bang for my bucks. Calling me back and following up several times, even verifying some information through Garth Powell. All and all, a very positive experience dealing directly with AudioQuest. They are fitting a Robin Hood Bass speaker cable with SpeakOn connectors for an upgraded signal path in place of the REL high-level speaker cables. They are also making several custom length cables for me.

I posted this because I figured this is the place where the cumulative efforts I’ve put into my system would and could be appreciated.

Purchasing all the cables as a package deal, I didn’t pay full retail for any of the cables.

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I am sure you will receive Christmas cards from PS Audio and Audioquest :grin: great system !


Interesting allocation of $$ to the various components across entire system budget. Many multiples more spent on cables than on main speakers by the looks of it.


Overall the sum cost of the cables is a little more the sum of the cost of the speakers. But, I evaluated the cable paring for each component individually for the best possible performance, no individual cable cost more than its associated component.

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Very nice! got some photos to share? how do the Rels integrate with the goldenears?

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Thanks. Not yet; I will share pictures after I got it setup. The RELs are in transit.

I’ve been waiting for someone on here to get a line array set up. I’m sitting here right now thinking about getting a couple more(currently just a single pair in my system). Excited to hear your experience.

I heard a line array at rmaf 2019 that really blew me away.

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Nice very very nice …

see tone audio awarded the first product of the decade award to a Rel Array

they are seriously sexy looking subs …

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Thanks for compliment and article link. The No. 25 and G1 are hands-down sexy, hope to some day hear them in a line-array.

I do not even know what a line array is but I would only listen to REL or MJ Acoustics. For starters I feel that the Speakon is far superior.

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“Building up to a Line Array” Video


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@EGH: Are you replacing the REL Baseline Blues? If so why?
I have ordered a pair of REL G1 Mklls and would replace the supplied cable with BaseLine Blue or Airship, depending on location.

I am not working on a “line array” of subwoofers for my system. At least not at the moment! :slight_smile:

I was responding to @2chan4ever and the statement “I do not even know what a line array is…”.


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@sotte1 sorry and you will notice that I am addressing my question to @EGH not yourself.

@EGH how did it all turn out? Do you love the sound of the cables and the new subs? Any updated photos. Thanks for any update.

Yep. I overlooked your reference to the intended recipient of your post. However, since you apparently posted by replying to my post – I looked right past the “@EGH” at the front of your post and assumed you were addressing me.

No harm done and no apology necessary.

Are you a “line array” aficianado?

@scotte1: This is my first foray into subs. I should receive a pair to REL G1s to trial in two weeks. An ‘array’ is probably fantastic for those who can afford it - I can not.

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I am a freshly-minted REL Acoustics fan. I bought a T5i for my office system about a year or so ago - to run with a low wattage tube integrated amplifier and a pair of Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference Strada speakers on floor stands.

The office dimensions are 13 or 14 feet a side wall - more or less square. The T5i integrated nicely and sounded great, but it was not uncommon for me to have to fiddle with the level knob (to turn it down) when a particular track or album I was listening to had too much low frequency energy for the room at an otherwise appropriate listening volume.

A few weeks ago (?) REL had an inventory reduction special offer on Tzero subwoofers in white. I could not resist the temptation of the nearly half-price sale and since the white is not an issue for me in my office setting I bought two of them to replace the T5i.

I am still breaking them in and playing around with settings, but it is already apparent they (as a pair) are every bit as sweet, powerful and musical as their bigger brother in my relatively small office space.

Now I have to figure out how to make use of the T5i – thinking about deploying it with my center channel in my big rig at home that does stereo/home theater double duty.

Sorry about the rambling on…let us know what you think about the RELs once you get some mileage on them. It has been my experience that stereo subwoofers is a superior route to take. I think you are going to be thrilled with the overall upgrade they prove to be of your system.

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I initially ordered the Baseline Blue cable upgrade with the Rel line-arrays. Researching cable information, I submitted my system and cable upgrade information to AudioQuest for consultation. Isaac Markowitz (AQ) told me about a customer he had that upgraded his Baseline Blue high lever speaker cables to AQ Robin Hood Bass custom made by AudioQuest with the Speakon connector. He explained that this customer was well pleased with the overall sound quality improvement. So, I returned the Baseline Blue cables and ordered a pair of Robin Hood Bass with Speakon mono. I’m still using the Baseline Blue cables for the 16" sub-to-sub jumpers.

I’ve purchased all the components and cables for my system upgrades. But, there is a bottleneck. The equipment I ordered from SolidSteel to modify my audio racks is on backorder for six to ten weeks from Italy, we are currently in the sixth week. I’ve tried multiple ways around this, but to no avail. Everything is sitting in the living room, still boxed up.