Replace Audeze LCD-2 Fazor with something lighter in weight?

I have Audeze LCD-2 Fazor and while I thoroughly enjoy the sound, I don’t like the weight.

I tried the Mr. Speakers Aeon open and didn’t get on with them at all but they were much lighter.

I have a BHK pre to drive, and I think it will handle anything. I prefer open phones.

What do you suggest I try that has a similar clarity, speed, and range with less physical weight? Budget <$1000 market value, not MSRP.

I recently purchased a set of Ether2 headphones. They are ultralight compared to my LCD-X. The Ether2 is over your stated budget, but it seems Mr Speakers is constantly coming out with new stuff, and that might drop the price at some point. Senn HD800 is a nice headphone in your $1k price range, HD800s could be found on the used market too.

I bought some HiFiMan phones from Massdrop - they’re pretty great and reasonably light.

@netspecht-2 The Ether2 looks like a good candidate, thanks. I have and still enjoy my HD580 from the late 90s. I may have to try the 800 or 800S.

@danschwartz - Thanks, which model did you get?

Massdrop calls them HE-4XX.

Thanks, ordered.

Brett, if you like the HD580 sound, give the HD 700 a listen too. You can pick those up at a decent price well under MSRP. They are smaller and lighter than the HD 800/800s. I have a set with Dekoni pads and they are nice cans.

I like the HD580 but they don’t hold a candle to the sound of the LCD-2, though I will keep the HD700 in mind. The 800/800S just might be too bright for my tastes. I prefer a more laidback vs. in your face sound.

Given the low price of the Hifiman HE-4XX from massdrop, a pair is on the way to try. I will either sell them for a small loss or gift them if they don’t float my boat. By the specs, I like that they are 10oz lighter than the LCD-2.

Focal Elears

Received them today. First listen, I’m impressed. They are also significantly lighter on my skull. For as infrequently I use headphones, I think these will be my new go to pair.

2nd listen after 30 hours of playing in a cupboard…keepers for sure. Thx!