Replacement screws for DS Mk2 HDMI input

There was discussion earlier about some I2S cables that won’t connect properly to the Mk2 because of the thick round-head screws that PSA uses combined with larger than usual connector housing. I have just purchased such a cable and, despite searching the forum, can’t find that discussion. Can someone point me to it or provide the info I need to get the correct screws? I think there was a specific name for these screws but I can’t remember (obviously they need a much thinner and flatter head).

I believe this is the thread you’re looking for…

Thank you!!

It can be a bit tricky to find the right match. From what I’ve seen, those round-head screws can indeed cause issues with specific cables, so you better choose another type. You can find all of them at It’s great you want to switch them out for a better fit. I don’t recall the specific discussion, but I’d recommend contacting PS Audio’s support directly.

I used these. They worked. iFlight M3 Titanium Hex Allen Socket Button Head Screws Lot of 20pcs (M3 x 6mm) : Industrial & Scientific

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Even flatter and they are the correct fit. Amazon or wherever: Prime-Line 9120956 Machine Screws, Metric, Flat Head, Phillips Drive, M3-0.5 X 6MM

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