Best XLR between DS MK2 and BHK Pre?

I’ll be expecting a MK2 shortly and planning to have an AQ Dragon PC providing it some juice. I’m wondering about what relevant XLR cords of similar SQ could be be added into the equation.
Currently, I’m having the Grimm SQM between the Pre and BHK 250. That sounds pretty good, but perhaps I may achieve just a another step higher on the stairs of our Rabbit Hole with just the right investment.

Your thoughts, considerations and/or suggestions are highly appreciated!

Iconoclast. Any of them. Whatever falls on your budget


Iconoclast UPOCC vs Dragon XLR. I compared them from MK I to BHK Pre, I preferred AQ. Now from the MK II they are sounding great.
While from SPP to BHK Pre and from Pre to M1200s my choice was Iconoclast.


To elaborate a little: I must confess that I’m impressed everytime about the sonic performance of the Dragons. Nevertheless, I’m curious if there are other cables out there that have a similar sonic benefit, or maybe even better. Just asking for some guidance from enthusiastic owners of like equipment.

The supreme authority in this camp is @aangen, I just compared Invictus Ricable and Nordost Valhalla before my marriage with Dragons.


After 3+ days of break-in on my AudioHarma CableCooker I can proudly say this Tubulus Concentus HDMI i2S cale BEATS my top tier Audioquest Dragon 48 which costs a hell of a lot MORE then $649.

You NEED to audition this cable !


Oh, this is an interesting observation.

Any chance you have compared the Concentus with the famous (some say infamous) RAL HDMI/I2S cable…?

I currently use an RAL the I purchased second hand and found it to be better than the other I2S cables I had on hand and tried, but only incrementally so.

I have avoided the truly, high-dollar (north of US $1000.00) I2S cables thus far and might be tempted by something in the Concentus’ MSRP price range if it offers a bit more performance.

(DMP to DS MK I, by the way…)


Is this the cable you were having a connection issue due to the screws on the MKII? Did they (PS audio) figure out a path?


Another vote for iconoclast (xlr)

Count me in as an Iconoclast fan as well, but taken
into context, a same length Dragon is considerably more expensive that the Icono. I have not done this comparison with interconnects or speaker cables for the very fact that if I fell in love with a full House of Dragons I couldn’t send them back. I don’t demo what I can, or don’t want to, afford. Whether self preservation or silliness, I don’t want to pine over the one got away.



No idea what/whom you are referring to but it’s not me.

I also use ALL Iconoclast top XLR i/c’s and LOVE them.


If an interconnect costs less than $30K why even bother?
You will live with doubt and regret each and every day.


Did I say that correctly?

My apologies, same cable wrong person.

I’m understanding, I will do without an interconnect in the meantime. :wink:

Edit: … and am also suggesting this to those wanting to improve galvanic isolation.

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‘Tis I to whom is being referred to. I absolutely love the Concentus on my MK1 dac. But cannot connect it to the MK2 due to the reason stated in the other thread. Are you using the Concentus on the MK2? Have not yet heard back from PSaudio about the screws yet.

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Can easily spend a LOT of money here…

A more budget friendly option for ya.
Best XLR hands down I’ve had in my system (not had cables costing the same as a car to be fair)

Experimented with “Pro” XLRs (Mogami and the like) this easily bettered them all.
California based Grammy award winning Mastering engineer looking for the" ultimate" XLR cable for his Studio, 6 Year research and prototyping before coming to market.
A good Hifi story.

Use my Ghost+ between BHK Pre and my big Meridian power amp.
Wanting for nothing.

Highly recommended.


Thanks. The price is definitively OK.
Sounds a bit like Grimm and that it’s iteration is something to be waiting for.