I2s connection is loose

Hey. I just got a PerfectWave SACD Transport. It is connected by i2s to Holo Audio DAC. Sadly, the i2s/HDMI connector into the Transport is having a hard time staying seated. Any ideas on how to get a firmer connection. Just looking at how loose it is, even when it is working, is disconcerting. I use teflon tape for power connectors that have this problem with some luck, but I am hesitant to use that on a digital connector. Cable is AfterDark. Black Magic MKII Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) I2S HDMI.

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I would check whether the backpanel screws are flush head or button head on the perfect wave near i2s the DS mk2 PS audio uses button heads that interfere with some HDMI cords so connector on cords hits the screw heads not allowing full insertion. Thus they feel sloppy.

If thais case you can swap screws on back panel or modify your HDMI cord connector with a Drenel small router or grinding tip to clear button head screws.

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I just had mine serviced for that very reason. Same for my MK1 DAC (plus the screens replaced on both.

Of course mine are both 10 yrs. old (bought used almost 2 years) so it was expected. Now good for another ten years ! $300 each repair. Cold solder joint plus I’m always diconnecting/connecting cables all the time. Don’t quote me (I’d have to ask Caleb). I think the techs installed/reflowed new connectors onto the PCB’s.

If I could afford a MKII (I could have taken advantage of the introductory offer…but $$$ I didn’t have), it would be in my rig but a $600 investment in 10 yr. equipment that still smokes most of the budget and non budget stuff out there is fine by me.

This is the one advantage when you "Buy “Merican”. As mu not so dearly departed Old Man used to say “one phone call”.

Try doing that with most (not all mind you) “Chi-Fi” Companies.

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Thanks for the input. Joe