Replacing terminal jumper plates?

I just purchased a pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.2 speakers and the have bi-amp terminals with two plate jumpers connecting the two sets of terminals. Would it be worth replacing those terminal plates with high grade cable jumpers? The plates don’t seem like they would be the best way to connect those two terminals. Thoughts?

When I got my recent speaker cables from Anticables, Paul Speltz mentioned he was including some high quality jumpers with the cables.

I’m currently using them because I have them, but I did try the old cheap speaker wire ones I made 15 years ago and didn’t notice any discernible difference. I do my best to be an objective, ear driven tweaker, and didn’t notice any change. Maybe my juvenile ears just aren’t fine tuned enough for the subtle tweaks yet. :thinking:


Yes! IMO it would be worth a try. Better is, always better!

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Have you tried biwiring the Wharfedales? Some speakers benefit, and some don’t.

Yes, definitely. I used jumpers on my Wharfedale Jade 3 at first with good results, and now a M700 to each with “stellar” results. :wink:

Nice! Those Jade 3’s are gorgeous speakers. I’m really digging the 4.2’s. Such a clean and smooth, silky sound.

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I’ve found it’s also worth the effort to try feeding the tweeters and using jumpers to the bass driver. Technically, it should be better to feed the bass and jump to the tweeters (or so I’ve read) but I prefer the sound with a single feed to tweeters first.

My experience with bi-wiring has been a modest improvement but not enough to justify the expense of a 2nd pair of cables. Of course, different speakers will behave differently.

I wouldn’t go crazy with expensive jumpers better to put the money towards better single run speaker cables. It’s a very short run. Amazon and eBay both have ‘decent’ inexpensive jumpers in any flavor you need. spades-spades or banana-spade…etc.

My theory is: “Change everything you can and don’t cost an arm because you’ll perhaps not be able to hear just one change but in the end after many small changes you’ll bee able to hear an improvement”


@stonefree1911, are the EVOs 6-ohm as the Jade 3 are? I’ve found that for my 8 foot run a quality 12 gauge wire works better with 6-ohm than the garden hose 9-10 awg stuff and the 14+ stuff. My engineer friend starts talking about ohms and impedance and I tune out. I’m using Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 right now. Still breaking it in, but I hear it gets better after like 200 hours. I like it now… who knows at 200.

All the EVO series are 4 ohm. I’m using 12g speaker cables on them now, and just ordered 12g jumpers for the terminals. Why spend $ on speakers and skimp on the cables I guess.

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I have not, but, I assume the manufacturer put them there for a reason!

I have some Wharfedales 9.6’s and just replaced the metal plates with some higher quality jumpers— huge differences, more open for sure, and much cleaner highs.

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Which jumpers? A local dealer recommended the AudioQuest Jumpers, never bit. Time to reconsider?

Since I’m replacing my Wharfedales with Magepan LRS’s soon, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on the jumpers. I found some from “Word’s Best Cables”, about $40 a set.

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IIRC the AudioQuest were priced similarly: