Paul's reference recordings


In view of the last two posts by Paul, I put together the following playlist on Qobuz. I tried to select all the tracks he mentioned in the posts. Some I could not find, and a few I did not put in because there is more than one version.

Maybe you could help correct and complete the playlist.


Cool! Now someone should do this for Tidal so I don’t have to. :wink:


I’d like to thank Paul for posting his reference music on “Paul’s Post” also. I’ve created a Roon Playlist consisting of the music I found between my Library and Tidal. There weren’t that many missing. I’m pleased with the list.

Here is the Tidal version that one of Paul’s readers put together:

Thank you Serge for the effort


Thanks so much!!!

He saved us all a lot of work. The playlist is everything you would expect it to be. Nice. Listening on Roon / Tidal now :grin:

How do you access or copy it to Roon or Tidal ?

@Philippe It took me a while to figure it out too. There is probably more than one way but this is how I do it:
Open Tidal
Paste the link to make the playlist current or search for the playlist by name. If you “right click” the title of the playlist above and “open link in new tab” Tidal will open and the playlist will be current.
Click the 3 dots by the playlist title
Click “add to playlist”
Click “new playlist”
Give it a name. It can be anything that makes sense to you
Click “create new”
It will show up on the left column under “my playlists”
Open Roon
Click the 3 bars in the top left corner
Click services
Click “edit” next to the Tidal logo
Click “sync library now”
Click “done”
Back to the Roon main screen
Click the 3 bars again
Click “playlists”
It should show up there. If you don’t “sync library now” it can take a day to automatically show up.
Hope this helps. Of course you need a Tidal account and be signed in to make this work.


Thanks, Baldy! For others not too familiar with TIDAL (as I was), Baldy’s “right click the title of the play list above” refers to the image of the playlist in his earlier post. It’s “Paul’s pick 2018” at the very top of the image. Also, if you wonder whether you can hear polarity differences, try “Gnomus” from Pictures at an Exhibition (on organ). If you know the music but the excerpt sounds weird, try reversing polarity (from “In” to “Out” of the Directstream DAC). It should sound much more coherent in “Out”. Otherwise, a quick review suggests that everything else on the list is correctly played as “In”.

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@jrango Thanks for clearing that little issue up. Its always difficult to give comprehensive instructions as we do so many things without actually thinking about them once the trained reflex responses automatically kick in.

It worked !
Thank you so much :blush:

Great. Its a lot longer process than it should be but glad it worked for you. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I got it to work as well. Would be cool to share playlists this way.

Today, I listened to the list. I play Tidal from a laptop into an Oppo 205 via USB. It sounds good but on songs I know well from my CD collection I noticed a difference in SQ. To compare, I played the Tidal and then the CD. I guess not surprisingly, I felt that the CD version was superior.

If you click the Tidal screenshot link in Baldy’s post at the bottom “Listen to full playlist” it opens in Tidal.

Anyone happen to know how to import the playlist list into qobuz?

@Stax Cant help there. I don’t have qobuz. (yet)

It cannot be done through the native Qobuz app. This is the only way that I have found.

I have not tried it but it seem they have a free service that will take care of transferring your playlists from Tidal to Qobuz.

So, I just signed up for the free Soundiiz service to give it a try. What a great tool! Super easy to setup. I literally just entered the login credentials for both my Tidal and Qobuz accounts and away I went. It automatically syncs up with each streaming service and pulls in your playlists and other favorited items. You then click on what you want to import and follow the steps. It worked quickly and without a hitch. And its free! I brought over all of my Tidal playlists to Qobuz. This is a great tool for anyone looking to subscribe to Qobuz and subsequently cancel their Tidal service. No need to fret over lost playlists.

EDIT: So, for the free version you can only…

-Transfer (1) playlist at a time, so this can be troublesome if you have lots of playlists to port over.
-Transfer a max of 200 tracks within a playlist. I have a couple that are nearly 500 songs.

It works well enough that I may pony up the $36/year fee.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this info on.