Reset BHK Preamp Display to default settings?

I researched this in the manual, as well as the forums, to no avail.
I was hoping to bring the display back to the factory default setting in order to change all the input designations.
I did try shutting the unit off and pulling the plug for five minutes to effect a sort of reboot.
No luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, one last request for information. I wanted to set up a trigger from the Pre to my M700’s.
When I did this, I got a very loud hum. I didn’t have this trouble when I had my Stellar GSD.
Any idea of what I may be missing or doing incorrectly.

As I recall, there is no way to reset to default settings. I hope I am wring and someone can tell us how to do it.

I’m pretty sure the factory reset will reset the defaults. To do so, switch pre off with the rear switch. Then before you turn it back on, hold down the logo button on the front while you switch it back on.

Regarding the hum, does it completely go away if you disconnect the trigger cable?

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Neat. Thanks!

Does this also reset the tube life counter?

I’m almost certain it does. I’d test it now, but I don’t really want to reset mine… :grimacing:

Didn’t have to. I just got confirmation from the team that it does indeed reset the tube timer.

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That did the trick! Thanks James.
Regarding the trigger: I do have to disconnect the trigger wire in order to stop the hum.
Odd considering the SGC to M700’s worked just fine.

Thanks for checking.

Yeah, I’ve never heard this happen before. Are the amps and pre connected to the same circuit?

Yes, they are. I had thought about that, but it had no effect in the prior set up.
I will try purchasing a new cable and see where that leads to.
Thanks James.
Thanks Elk.


I have found trigger wires can be a bit fussy if not fully seated/connected. It can take a bit of a push (but you already know this).

As a last resort, I would give the ends a quick alcohol wipe down and swap direction of the cable just so each end has something new to connect to.

An annoying little problem.

Will give it a go.
Thanks again Elk.

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Could it be that the BHK pre likes these:
But not those?

It could very well be.
I’ll have to double check.