Revelation Audio Labs hdmi cable - any owners using theirs for home theatre?

Thought I’d add a quick update.
Watching one of the Back to the Future 4K discs, probably the first one, I noticed on an outdoor scene that it was actually filmed inside. I could tell this from the sound, it didn’t have that airy, spacey sound of being recorded outside, sound was very tight and clear, you could hear it being ‘closed in’ as if inside, which I presume it was recorded in an indoor sound stage.
Just an indicator of the quality of the RAL hdmi.


Hello very interesting.

Do you have any idea of the data rate ?

Do you think it’ll work with 4K UHD HDR eARC ?

Thanks for your kind help

I put the RAL between my Oppo and my Anthem AVM 60. Haven’t tried it yet as I have new everything everywhere.

My system is 4K but I don’t use eARC.
Works great in my system.