Revelation Audio Labs XLR Cables

Does anyone have any experience with the Paradise CryoSilver Reference balanced interconnect cable.

Thinking about buying a used pair of these cables to connect my DS DAC to my pre-amp, but the pair available are only about 22" long and I would have to reconfigure the relationship of my DAC and pre-amp in order for them to reach properly.

Not inclined to make the effort or investment if these are cables are not particularly well regarded…


I believe on this forum there has only been interest in one type of RAL cable. I have 2 of the HDMI cables, and also a two headed USB cable. The latter didn’t do anything for me one way or another. The former works some magic, but it seems very fragile.

If you do try a pair I would be curious what you find.
I also hope to never ever make the mistake of ordering any cable, any, shorter than 1.5m. God, what a painful lesson.

I once ordered an RAL umbilical cord for my Pass Labs XP-30 preamp.
What a piece of junk. It stopped conducting power–it’s primary job, and it came apart after a few months.
I would consider Iconoclast OFE.


Thanks for the input, Ron.


I have two RAL umbilical cords and they are well built and work great. Never tried any of his other cables.

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I liked the sound of my RAL HDMI but sadly one end bent and now it’s dead