RFI chassis grounding (Russ Andrews, maybe others)

Now this here rather overlooked tweak garnered my attention.
Russ Andrews explains in common sense terms why RF energy should be drained from equipment chassii appropriately and for this he offers a relatively low cost solution. (One might think it’s very simplistic and easily managed without proprietary hardware but no, these techniques have been under scrutiny for years. RF grounding requires specific impedances)

Very scarcely reviewed but one comprehensive reviewer praised the improvements, even with existing grounding hardware in his system.

Check out the explanation:


Stereophile component of the year, the CAD Ground Control. Very similar if not identical purpose?

I wonder how these compare…
I think essentially RF grounding is not worth so many kilodollars as the CAD may cost at most. It’s very simple when done right and should not mandate such expense.
Just my thought.