Roon 1.7 announced

Love Roon! Every time they drop a build I love it more. No more having to know the radio station address, just search. Faster, better, searches. Better SQ… Worth the coin every year, gladly pay for it and Qobuz in conjunction makes streaming an absolute pleasure. After 6 months of Qobuz, very, very happy… the combination w/ N+ is the bomb! Too bad I did not go lifetime, would have made money…:nerd_face::sunglasses:

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Roon always had a mediocre Radio Station function. The Radio Station part of the app been addressed now and it’s very good. Sometimes I just like the live banter on the radio when I’m working on something.


@watchdog507 - Agreed, the radio station app was mediocre at best. Now there are tons of stations and the search for a station is easy. You are right about just listening to station without commercials while I work. In addition I throw some classic rock station on for my wife and she is happy. So many to chose from. This build was extensive and no issues so far.

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I think the highs are smoother and cleaner now. Discerned new detail in some very, very familiar recordings last night. Very happy with this update.

I agree. I thought it was limited to streaming content but was listening to some of my local DSD files last night and noticed it there as well.

This new release may be broken. My ROON ROCK device is over heating from a runaway process. None of my devices will connect. So much for “Joy to the World”

It was with a huge “Phew!” that I installed Roon 1.7 without a hitch yesterday. I had read of so many installation issues in the Roon forum that I debated holding off until they issued a second release.

I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I wasn’t disappointed.

Oh, and I became a lifer before they jacked up the price.

The update causes your library to be completely reanalyzed and some number of gigabytes of metadata to be downloaded.

How big is your library?

Looking at the release notes I do not see any reference to improving sound quality. Is this something Roon has addressed in the past?

Roon analyzed the database on install. It’s over 8000 albums. Worked great until I tried it this morning.

@watchdog507 - I have 5,000 albums. Updated SW yesterday; been running it all day (~8hrs straight) with N+ @ 91F… at hot spot… will keep monitoring…

I read somewhere they changed the engine that caused the worse sound…but this was not from Roon, but in a forum I think to remember…so no guarantee

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I wonder if some SW got pushed out. All of a sudden my NUC is running cool and I have remotes back.


“Subscribed”, so to speak. I did not note any such claims either. I spent a little over an hour listening to some familiar music via Roon/Tidal (“Masters”/MQA files in this case) last night. To my ears, my ripped and downloaded files stored on the same computer I run Roon Core on still sound better via JRiver Media Center than via Roon. I love Roon with my Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions as well. But, in general, JRMC “spinning” local files still has the edge in over all sound quality to my ears.

Interested in others’ reporting on Roon 1.7 in terms of sound quality…


Roon 1.7 on my N+ playing Qobuz 24/96 sounds as good or better than my local drive ripped music or my local spinner. Amazing really.


I’ve also noticed excessive CPU use with Roon core on Mac with 1.7, but only while playing Internet radio.

At one point after install, I saw that it was maxing out two 4.2GHz cores continuously while playing Radio. I restarted it, and the usage fell back to the usual handful of percent, but I later saw it pegged for one core again while using the Radio.

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That warrants a ticket with support. I’m not seeing anything like that behavior, though my main core is on Linux and test on Windows.

I don’t believe Roon labs has ever claimed SQ improvements with releases. They leave that to the users.

I’m curious to study if 1.7 sounds better and or is comparable to HQPlayer. I like HQP, but the two of them together stretch my Mac’s memory to the limit and I can’t play DSD 128 with both Roon and HQP running.

I have to admit that I had Roon for over a year and had a difficult time connecting with how it organizes music. One day it all clicked and I understood it’s brilliance. I was able to customize my library in a way that far surpasses what I once thought was great.

There’s really nothing close to Roon when it comes to the library experience. My buddy says the Aurender Conductor App is just as good, but beyond that, who else has achieved what Roon has? I’m unclear why PSA would not allow for a Roon option in their upcoming server ventures. Perhaps PSA is pursuing the Aurender angle, keep it all in house for quality control and make moving one’s library elsewhere difficult and tedious? That’s a plus of Roon, can use it with many different hardware manufacturers, freedom to roam.

I think Roon put out the update was engineered to use fewer computer resources which helps. 1.7 seems a little more responsive (quicker) to me, especially with headphones. YMMV.

Are you same DancingSea in the Roon forums? You sounded like you were shutout of the lifetime subscription at the lower price? Happy you got it…