Roon 1.8 Announcement

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I saw the email. This sounds like a worthwhile update. I have a lifetime subscription and consider it one of the best bargains in audio.


Also a lifer.


I must admit that a lot of tracks from that recording had a serious background hum.

Meanwhile, Roon may not be able to find you a nice Swedish nurse, but 1.8 will be able to find you anything else. They seem to have solved the classical streaming problem.

On the subject of Swedish LPs, I once knew a young lady rather well who had fantastic LPs (long pins), possibly the longest I’ve ever seen. She left London to join the Swedish Mounted Police, which I suspect for the sake of getting arrested would have seriously increased the crime rate.

Well done guys! I can kick myself for not buying the lifetime subscription when it was cheap years ago.

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Might be wise to give it a couple of weeks before upgrading…just saying. :wink:

Me three…

It does, indeed.

A mini-review/overview:


And, another review/overview:


Looks like I’ll have to try it again for the third time. I really like my 20
genres and wish it didn’t fight me over it. I end up with hundreds of sub genres like Jazz Holidays and Vocals…it takes those off of an obscure metadata field that is included in many ripped and downloaded files. It would take a herculean effort to purge that data from my collection (don’t recall the name of the field off hand). JRiver is a programming language and much more modifiable and literal.

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I bought an annual subscription in February 2019 when my main system became Roon Ready. I now have a lifetime subscription and Roon distributes our Qobuz subscription, music library and radio to 4 rooms with Roon Ready devices, my office through Roon Player (Roon Core operating as a usb streamer) and locally over my phone to my earbuds via Bluetooth or wired headphones.

The hardware integration is exceptionally good, before you get round to the intelligent database and user front-end.

It also cements Qobuz and Tidal into the ecosystem, Deezer seems to have been dropped some time ago.

It is a bit Big Brother, but Darko is correct in that it knocks everything else out of the ballpark.


If you index your library in Roon and genre data is lost, you can right click on as many albums as you want, click on Edit and change the metadata for all those albums. So you could click on 143 albums and in a matter of seconds given them all a new user-defined genre. You do not have to do it album by album.

I hope it comes with a dark mode option. All that white background won’t work for me.

I too am a lifer.


It has a dark mode option in 1.7.

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Is the change made only to the Roon data or the actual file metadata? I would think just the Roon database. Like I said, I’ll give it another shot. Maybe in a couple months. Sure would make my music life easier by integrating my huge collection with a Qobuz account. I just like things my way, at least at first.

Yeah, I know that. Do you say because 1.7 has it 1.8 will for certain have it?
Do you know?

I cannot imagine they would take away the dark mode option in 1.8. I think there would be a bit of a rebellion over that.

It goes into the Roon database in your Core.

I hope you are correct but I am not going to assume OR be surprised if they don’t.