Roon and Bryston BDP vs. Bridge 2 with DS (Huron OS)

Has anyone compared Roon via BDP and Bridge 2 (in DS with Huron OS)?

I’m using a BDP1 with excellent results, but always prefer an upgrade path (the PS Audio way), fewer boxes and fewer power cords.


This answer might be coming 6 months to late for you. I tried Roon (from my Mac) to a BDP2 feeding a DSD DAC and I could not hear the difference from going into the DSD via the Bridge 2.

I thought going through the BDP2 would simply things because I could use it locally for non-streaming and then stream from my Mac. However if you enable the Roon Ready service on the BDP2 it blocks out the local MPD and it is a pain to keep reconfiguring the settings to go back an forth. It would be simpler to use the Tidal player app that is inside the BDP2 by default. The only difference is that its UI is primitive compared to Roon. Since neither can decode the Tidal MQA at this point they are sonically equivalent as well.