Roon/Bridge SQ?

Is anybody using Roon with the PSA DS/bridge noticing a SQ difference?

I’m using Roon with a Bryston BDP-2. The Bryston is overkill with Roon (in Roon Ready mode, I turn off ALL other Bryston services). I am currently in the minority in loving the Roon/Bryston sound – less lower midrange/upper bass bloom compared to MPD, giving some folks the impression of less depth – I think it sounds more accurate and realistic.

For reference, my setup is a Windows10 computer running Roon (upstairs theater room), connected wirelessly to my network, on which is a Netgear 12TB NAS (downstairs office). The Bryston in the music room is hard connected to the network, and connected to the PSA DS via USB (Regen w/ iFi power supply). I use an iPad as a remote.

Since I’m no longer using much of the Bryston functionality, I’m starting to consider the PSA bridge and eliminating a box (and an interface) from my system.

So I am looking for SQ impressions from Roon/bridge users. Thanks!

I started my 60 days free trial period last Monday. Since then I have spent more time on discovering Roon than having a critical listen via the DS/Bridge. But my first impression is that I hear no difference in sound quality compared to the MinimServer/BubbleUPnP/Bridge setup that I was using till now.

I still have to make up my mind if Roon is a keeper, but the 60 days trial period gives me quite some time to decide. I already discovered that I have to invest in more powerful hardware if I want to keep it.

BTW, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t asked for credit card information during the registration, while I read all over the internet that this is a requirement :slight_smile:

I just made a very short cross check with one song between Jriver and Roon as someone mentioned a difference, but heard none.

From the bit I understood about the difference in playing from USB or LAN packets to the DAC, I also assumed there should be no sound difference between SW delivering packets to the bridge of the same file format as long as the bridge itself doesn’t have to handle more decoding work.

I am a bit embarrassed asking such a simple question, I have searched manual and forums.

How do I change Roon from gapless to gap and vise verse.

I remember seeing it but now I just can’t find it.

The roon forums concerning Gapless only problems with gapless not working right, but no one mentions where the dang control is.

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I don’t believe there is a control. The only mention I can find in the KB is in Volume Leveling.


Well it would be nice…Some records would benefit with a little space between tracks.