Roon Beta for Next Version of 1.8

Try the next update of Roon 1.8 before anyone else!

Next week, we’ll be releasing the next update to Roon 1.8 and we want to invite our loyal lifetime subscribers to try out the new features before anyone else. Here’s a peek of what to expect…

Art Director

Everyone benefits from better-looking artist photos and band logos in Roon, so we’ve created Art Director, a fun new tool that puts you in control of how images are shown in Roon. Using Art Director, you can adjust the positioning of artist photos, upload logos and images, and vote for your favorite images.

Playlists by Roon Labs

Until now, the weekly playlists we create have only lived on TIDAL and Qobuz and haven’t been accessible in Roon. In our latest release, you can now access everything our music team has curated, directly from your Home screen on both streaming platforms.

Evolving search

We’ve completely overhauled the search functionality to make it easier than ever to find the music you’re looking for. Now, when you search for music in Roon you should see fewer inaccurate or confusing search results, especially when it comes to your own library.

Improved buffering and caching for streaming content

We’ve made changes to Roon’s buffering and caching infrastructure when playing streaming content. The new implementation is designed to use a lighter touch when interacting with your network and internet connection, making streaming less intensive for your Roon Core.

Easier volume limits

We’ve redesigned the Zone Settings screen so it’s even easier to set volume limits that prevent your music from getting too loud. The new design also makes it simple to configure auto-sleep functionality and other settings for your audio devices.


I also received this email. I didn’t join the beta. I have too much going on and don’t want to risk the stability I currently enjoy many hours a day.


Still waiting for the long promised “mobile” (on-the-go) version.


I would be happy to see credits from the Now Playing screen on Mobile. It just needs to be in the three dot menu. That request is three years old.

I wish I managed their backlog grooming.

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There are a lot of businesses on Earth that could use some help in that department.

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On the buffering and caching, doesn’t it seem that Qobuz has this pretty dialed-in? Wondering what roon does to funk it up? Do they have a few lines of code called Sly and the Family Stone? Maybe it’s my set-up.


I’m a lifetimer but didn’t get the mail and invite.
So - did anyone try out the new version? Any relevant first impressions? Very curious :wink:

Also on the life plan…hopefully I want it for that long.

Not everybody gets beta access. I don’t have it…yet. Last time, I was added long after @Vmax. No rush.

Try this

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I am waiting for update message. It took 24 hours first time after sign up.

I got the message i am in so will have to update all my devices.

lifetime member here but no interest in the beta.

I mean, yeah, I trust it’ll turn out ok, and i’m eager to see what they do… but I rely tooooo much on roon everyday for music that I don’t want to run a buggy version even for a minute! :slight_smile:

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Same. Will get to it soon.

You have to put a Test Flight App on your control devices.

The search functions seem to be different perhaps slower. Or maybe because Database was rebuilt. I had more difficulty finding my normal Qobuz lists for comparison

As for sound. Not sure if highs rolled off or my hearing today. Nope The highs are clear. I guess I need to play some good percussion songs. I had a bit of congestion this morning and a fever so I might not be the best judge. Cymbals have a good decay. Nice deep soundstage on Gustav Holst Planets. The highs were not rolled off on that.

I think the bass is hitting hard more wall vibration’s than I have noticed lately playing Boz Thanks to you.

Gregory Porter on Hey Laura was in the room

I give sound two thumbs up :+1: :+1: no degradation. Maybe better

The music starts next song before artwork catches up sometimes. But had that before.

More artists art on some selections.


I look forward to improved search. It’s my central point of discontent with Roon.

TestFlight for beta blows on android/pixelbook. Didn’t do windows yet. iOS was super easy. This is all beta BS, and users won’t have to do it. Oh well, figured it out.

Listened to some Boston quickly, but tired from skiing all day.

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Agreed. This was a recent search of mine:

(Don’t get me wrong, I love Kind of Spain, and if you haven’t heard it, it’s a treat.)


Yes Apple was easy to address seems many Potential Beta users get hamstrung on new loading requirement of adding testfight spp and the instructions were less than clear. You have to read through the lines and be willing to embrace vague instructions and self troubleshoot to get it going.

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I just responded to an invite to be part of the test group.

Will see if I am selected…

Not sure how much time I will have to assist, but might be a bit of fun…

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