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Is anyone else digging the fact that finally Roon Radio goes into Tidal and picks similar music instead of only from your library?

Edit: I am not sure how long this has been going on, but it seems like only since the last update


Yes, the 1.6 upgrade also added some packaged shelf eq filters. I like it because it stays close to what you last listened to…

Some very good new discoveries with this feature.

Yes. I have discovered a lot of new music that way and as @cardri says it stays pretty close to the genre you were last playing. Gotta love it.

Yeah, the last what ever they called it in Roon land, continuation of music when your selections were over was all over the place. Listening to Carpenters, got up to go to the men’s room and came back to Megadeath… this Roon Radio is much closer to what I was listening to over the course of the hours that proceed. I use it for daily background like an internet radio station that plays songs close to what was just played… A toss up w/ JB Radio 2; however, wife does not like JB Radio 2 as much as I do… of course Jessie Cook is a stretch for my sweetie… I assume they are running adaptive filtering…

If you pick only a short queue to “prime” it, it eventually converges on a fairly small number of tracks, and you start to get repeats.
To build a comprehensive database of what I like, I find it useful to pick a track or two, let Radio run for a while, and then start Radio again from a different few tracks. These all get added into a giant Radio queue, which can be saved as a playlist or simply played without further Radio tweaking.
I’ve currently got a Radio queue of about 5K tracks. If it finishes (in about 16 days) Radio should do a pretty good job of continuing with music I like.

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Oh, yeah.

A really nice feature now; and I believe you can add Qobuz to that mix too.

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I assume it is using an adaptive filter algorithm and a bigger data set to start helps to prolong convergence (repeat).

Thanks, I usually will run through a playlist or album before it starts so there seems to be a big enough sample of similar music. I have used it for hrs, not days. I really like it, just have not qualified over days…:grin: That is a huge cue…

I just realized that a big assumption on my part was mistaken: based on what shows while you are playing the Radio (rather than playing the queue it built), Radio plays songs that it thinks are similar to the last track you played deliberately.
Bottom right corner, when playing Radio shows “Playing music similar to” and the name of that last track, and it does not change, which probably explains the convergence.
So other than building a playlist, and perhaps paying attention to tracks you Thumb’ed or skipped, it’s not quite as adaptive or predictive as I had hoped.

Yes, the reason I got confused and talked adaptive. I thought the last song; however, what keeps it on track… It must build an instantaneous data base, then use adaptive filter based on the processing as it goes along… that would be cool to understand how.

Roon Radio Random

Says based on your queue. I assume you can delete your running queue and then after building a short 10 song queue it will use that. I will mess around with the queue. You can limit Roon Radio to library. I just cleared the queue and loaded Bob Dylan Nashville. Will wait till the end and see what it does. I also did not limit the radio to my library. I’d like to discover new music.

The Roon Radio analyzed with 30seconds till end. I cut the album queue to 7 songs and it said it will play similar songs to the album, not the last song. However, the queue was the album. I think I will try mixing it up to see what In indicates. Assume it will be the last song as you indicated.

I loaded 3 different songs in the queue and Roon Radio analyzed the data set (assume the 3 song queue) with 60 seconds to go, not 30 seconds as advertised in the Roon setup page. Why does it say it will analyze queue when it picks the last song that Roon Radio will be similar to? Does it indicate last song when in actuality it uses the whole queue data set and just says last song?

The new search algorithm runs on a cluster in AWS. It started out a bit rough the first few days when 1.6 was released but they’ve scaled up the number of machines to compensate.

I have a couple great listening sessions with only a single track to seed the queue. This of course leads to more great sessions when I add the newly discovered to my library…

Note: if you choose to only allow to pick from your local library, it uses the prior 1.5 logic. Which often wasn’t very good for me.

Thanks, saw the library switch. Roon is just the shizzle…

As you listen to Radio, it builds a queue from all the songs you listen to - scroll up from the now playing track on the queue page.

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Yeah, got what the queue is, just says last song on similar and it confused me… I just know it doesn’t stray far and the last one in 1.5 was bad…

I just love the fact that I am hearing stuff in tidal that I am loving and adding that to my library now too, really expanding my listening. I am a guy who gets stuck in a rut and can listen to the same stuff over and over. This is great!

Yeah, you, Brett, Eldrick, and Scottie nailed it… We all like it for the same reasons: gets us out of the same old cave and we don’t stray too far. :ok_hand: Down side is my wife is making fun of me listening to music I usually don’t listen to and I like a little “strange” from time to time…:sunglasses:

1.6 is a substantial upgrade. My only gripe, as others have noted, 1.6 reverts some manual cover art selections but the sky is not falling.