Roon DSP options

For curiosity purpose I enabled head room management and sample rate conversion options in Roon DSP.

I don’t know what they exactly do… but I’m able to listen for longer hours with these options enabled. Without these options my system bit louder and if I turn the volume down, I can’t get the same clarity. I listen to music streamed via Qobuz.

I know the conventional wisdom is to not turn on DSP and mess with MK-2 DAC processing.

Any comments on if any one of you enabled any Roon DSP processing and if yes then Why?

The -3dB option is also something the Grimm MU1 offers. I always used it. It helps eliminate clipping in some DACs. 3dB is a noticeable cut in volume, so yes you can turn up a bIt.

And yes, the general consensus is one should avoid any Roon processing. I avoid it. But the -3dB option may be a safe bet.

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This is a deep forest you can explore. You are just scratching the surface of results with good quality “over samplers” HQPlayer.

Just for fun, in room ser sample rate converter to converter everything to DSD64, using 7th order sigma-delta modulator, and the recommended 30khz filter.

If you like it, you are a serious candidate for HQPlayer.

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I use DSP now called MUSE on Roon full time. I bought software called Focus Fidelity to create a Roon compatible Convolution Filter to do room correction. It works as advertised. I do 20hz-5khz correction. Very similar to how the AVRs work. It cannot fix major room issues, but it does improve the overall sound quality. I think its well worth the effort.

For me, -3db is doing the trick for now.
@brian.fitterman are you using MK2?

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I moved and my room is in boxes until I build new room but yes I had Eversolo streaming to MKIi.