Roon HQPlayer announcement

That’s the thing, I guess. I never knew I COULDN’T run the newer releases of HQP because i never tried. Never was prompted to update, so I never thought to update. I’m running 4.3, which has worked just fine forever. (Truth be told, I’m not a processor-heavy DSD user. I upsample PCM to 192, and that’s it.)

Plus, I never had the skipping issues I’m learning that others had, so never had to investigate that. (Only found out about those by reading the announcement.)

I get it…why fix what isn’t broken. Some people have to have the latest HQPlayer at all times while others don’t care as long as the version they have does what they want/need it to do.

I am surprised we don’t have more issues like this considering how fast technology moves forward.

To pcm 192 almost any cpu will do. If I were you, would go with a low cost, low power nuc, and run ubuntu + hqplayer desktop on it. Your current license will be sufficient, and it should be hassle free.

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well, some personal news…

seems HQP 4.17 will run on 2012 Mac Minis.

I needed to update the OS to 10.15.7, and now HQP 4.17 launches and runs just fine.

No hardware upgrade needed.

There is joy in mudville. :clown_face:


Happy i was able to update my OS to run HQP 4.17, but perhaps even happier that I set Roon to not allow automatic updates.

Over on the roon forum there’s all kinds of uproar and outcry about this new update, that it’s completely broken for many users. Seems to be a common issue with many updates. I wonder if roon needs to limit the many platforms it supports, to have a bit more control over the end user experience.


But this time around I guess the ball was on HQPlayer side. Jussi has already published an update to HQPlayer embedded to solve the bug

ah, I had not seen that. Seems like people are still having issues, but maybe they haven’t downloaded his fix.

(looks like the issues/bugfix are only for Embedded. I have Desktop, so maybe that one is ok. Still holding off on updating, for what it’s worth.)

Rolled the dice on the latest Roon update before I knew of the reported problems.

Seems O.K…(for this non HQPlayer guy).


All I can say is that I’m not impressed. I have music playing from SSD’s attached to the core. I’m having drops and error messages. Pretty much unusable! I’ve moved to my PST.

I updated my unit yesterday and listened for about 2 hours. No issues for me.

I have the perfect solution for you. My Pink Faun is waiting for someone to love it again!