Music Server update

Hello all.

I just updated my reference server and I would like to share
same main board and Zion 3.5 CPU
new OS is win 2016
new beta AO 2.2b5
now using 5 dedicated psu s as follows
two reg D.C. 5 supplies one for solid state OS
SEcond one is for two 1 TB solid state internal drives for music
hd plaex linear 1 psu 5 volt output for audio grade USB card
hd plex linear 2 with hd plex A 250 watt ATX converter board it regulates the 19 D.C. Linear output of one hdplex to power the main BOARD and CPU power only
running roon in both core for tablet remote and full
gui mode as well.
Plyaers used
j river
hq player
roon player
tidal desktop app
roon tidal app.
Its now compleltly hands off in non GUI mode all functions
of any programs are done from android tablet or iPad
or iPhone.
Sound has leaped up again. It’s due to three reasons
one is better psu power and it’s complete seperatiom of each device. What most may not know is each internal part of a computer each generate noise for processing
so if one D.C. Bus is used they each make noise for the others.
Keeping all separated is a must have for top digtal performance
next is the new win SER 2016 OS audio Phil says it’s best one so far.
My server is triple boot meaning
at startup I can load
win 10 pro
win ser 2012
win 2016
all having AO software optimizing software with fid pro 7.9
win 10 pro stinks in comparisons to the win SER OS
AND win 2016 beats out 2012 hands down.
Last is HQ player is the best playback software by a margin
blows up j river and roon player.
Room is used to sort music files and directs player as well
what I have now is amazing digital reproduction in sound
while analog will always be the lead this digital for me is the frontier with my two dacs.
Many help I can give to others is welcomed.

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Hi Al, I sometimes wonder what you’re getting up to. Have you tried Minimserver/JplayStreamer vs HQPlayer?