Roon Nucleus via USB or Ethernet w/Bridge II


Curiosity query: Why do some post “subscribed” in forum threads here and elsewhere?

It does not create a “subscription” of any sort or generate notices of any kind.


Couldn’t resist.
It means you see a number to the right of replies, and I for one get an ema if someone subsequently replies on the thread, usually, though not always :slight_smile:

If you want to be notified of replies, look to the bottom left of the thread. You will see a little box which typically contains the word “Normal.” Click on this and choose either “Tracking” or “Watching,” to your preference.

This gives you options for a count of new replies, and whether you want to be notified of each new reply.

As another option, in your profile/options/categories you can add all the categories and sub-categories in the Watching box.

Posting “subscribed” does not do these things.

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Cheers, I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Let us know if it does the job for you.

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Just shorthand for “I am interested in/ following this discussion”, in my case…

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I can’t speak to other audiophile switches. Other than de-crapifying my cables, Ethernet has not really been my focus, though I did mess with TP Link optical transceivers for a while. The EtherREGEN clearly shows that there is great benefit to improving Ethernet performance for streaming audio.

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Interesting. This had not occurred to me.

Why publicly announce you are following the discussion?

Thanks all… back to the original question :smile: I’ll start with USB connection to DS from my Roon Nucleus. I’ve got an EtherREGEN on order, so when that shows, I’ll put that between my router and the Roon and evaluate. From there I can evaluate using something like the Matrix X-SPDIF 2, or go the network streamer route either via a Bridge or some other device. I’ve got an AR DAC8 in trade, so the net out of pocket for the Bridge II is not too steep.

All the feedback has been greatly appreciated!

Just something some fora denizens do…lets OP’s and commenters know there is interest in what they have to say and, hopefully, encourages further postings…

Thanks for the explanation.

I have seen it done for years and it never made sense to me as posting “subscribed” does not actually do anything in a literal sense. Apparently, it is not meant to. :slight_smile:

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Not to start a new controversy but there is a review on the EtherRegen that is not exactly glowing;). I think most of you know the site I’m referring to and I really prefer to stay out of the gunfire. I’m not going to link it but if you google it I’m sure you can find it.
Of course this is the same site that trashed the Directstream DAC because it measured less than ideal. Same old story measurements versus sound quality.
Just bringing it up for those that may have an interest but if you believe in what you hear and not in how a component measures then please move on to the next post.

I disagree. When I replaced my Bridge II with the Matrix running on USB power, the improvements were obvious and immediate, even with a cheap HDMI cable.
Clarity, imaging, depth and vocal naturalness were clearly superior with the X-SPDIF 2, so I sold the Bridge.

You forgot to add ‘just sayin’ and :popcorn:


I switch between my Matrix and my Bridge 2 all the time and while they do sound different, I don’t think one sounds better than the other.
Via the Matrix the sound is Bold and detailed.
Via the Bridge 2 the sound is relaxed and lush.

I’d do a double blind test with anyone who thinks they could pick accurately between the two any time. My money would be on no one can accurately pick.

But that’s just my opinion…



For best sound quality, you should not connect directly to a Roon Core. Roon recommends streaming to Roon Endpoints for optimum SQ.

I am very happy with the Bridge II from a SQ/functionality standpoint…but I know others prefer USB to I2S bridges and such. To each their own! Its all good!


For what it’s worth, I have a ROON Rock NUC and I connect it directly to my Matrix X with a Siltech USB cable and then on to the DSD Via I2S. ROON recommends, not dictates the alternative. I had the Bridge II For two years and after living in denial, I gave up and sold it . This configuration works very well.

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So no problems with MQA? I was trying to find Roon’s recommendations and was not able. I’m using a Roon Nucleus.