Running two DACs with identical supporting devices

Is anybody running two DACs?

I am thinking of throwing a Denafrips into the mix, using the optical output from a Matrix, and digital coax from PST.

I’m running two phono preamps with no problems. Should I rethink two DACs?


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For anybody interested, the PST doesn’t appear to like two DACs connected. It doesn’t seem to know which to use.

Edit: This is proved incorrect a few posts down. My bad here. Apples and oranges, etc.

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I have 2 (at least, depends what I hook up).
I am surprised a source cannot put out (so to speak) on all its outputs at the same time, every source I have come across does this.
Does the PST have options to select which output to enable? (I would be surprised if it did)

Whatever floats your boat…

But may I ask why you’re interested in doing so?

ABing and also tweaks/isolation/preferences.

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Roger that.


It’s awesome because the DSD MK1’s volume allows for perfect match with my dumb little Enyo, then I just flip the BHK pre’s input and can AB in the middle of a streaming song. Missions accomplished!

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If it does, I haven’t found it yet. It’s also worth mentioning that my album was a hybrid, and I can’t feed DSD to Enyo…even though it’s a DSD-able DAC.

ah - CD ought to work ok (no DRM involved)?

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Hmmm…the more I think about, I don’t think it was a fair test. It isn’t fair to ask the PST to offer SACD and CD at the same time, and that’s what I was doing that is an unfair test. I knew I could not get DSD64 out of the Enyo from PST ahead of time.

So is it seemless with CD as it is with streaming when playing Redbook? It is! Yay! This offers two brand new paths for me to seamlessly AB. The BHK pre does it so beautifully. Doesn’t miss a beat.

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It’s good to have choices and more toys to experiment with :slight_smile:

Got three! I use this to switch… Nobsound MC103-Pro. Gotta be careful to order a three-to-one and not a one-to-three. They have the same model code…

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See that wouldn’t work for me, because I’d have to move away from the sitting position to switch between X Y and Z. The BHK switches incredibly smoothly at the touch of a button without leaving my seat.

It turns out that I have to be paying CLOSE attention to notice DAC differences because I have them performing at the same sound level and using the same gear (minus cables). I have another opening on the BHK (i.e. for three DACs).

My problem is that my other systems sharing the main speakers are 8- and 16-channel set ups. So extra stereo inputs on the BHK do not help much. Since Topping now has a multichannel DAC, people are hoping they will do a multichannel preamp. May not be enough volume in the niche for even them though.

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