SACD (DSD) and Redbook output on different ports from the same hybrid disc at the same time?

Does anyone know of a transport that will do this?

I am not aware of one. But from what I do know the setting is telling the laser what layer to read. Not sure the laser could pick up both at same time.

Yes it is common to select which layer to play. But I understand that many transports use two different lasers at different wavelengths for focus on the different layers. So theoretically, it should be possible to read both layers at the same time and output that data to different ports. For my desires, they do not necessarily need to be output synchronized in time as long as they can just be started at the same time.

True, that could be done. Not sure anyone has done it. Can I ask why? Feeding two zones with same signal?

My desire is to be able to very quickly switch back and forth between the layers for listening comparison without having to fool around with any configuration that confounds the psychoacoustic listening process. One quick switch back and forth by switching DAC inputs.

Ah true A/B test…interesting.

Really, the next desire would be for the DAC (dual DACs?) to be capable of decoding multiple streams at the same time and then just switch the amplification input between the analog signals. That would ultimately be the quickest way to compare what you are hearing between the two.

Keep in mind the SACD layer is often louder and will thus sound better regardless.


Yeah that’s a good point, may have to level match as well as possible. That would be a vote for a dual DAC setup that could easily DSP that.

My guess is that we will soon see DACs with a rich software user interface to front end DSP functionality similar to that in the SDR world for RF applications. Audio seems way behind on these kinds of products at this point.