Apparent not so happy news for tube lovers

Here is a heads up…

Just now came across this article that seems rather ominous…

How I wish it weren’t so…

Best wishes everyone

Paul you may want to rethink - reevaluate the use of tubes…

It’s just in the short term as it states in the closing paragraph.

The pandemic has hit a lot of businesses, but they won’t be gone forever, new competitors will emerge that do things better.


As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

I just locked the cabinet drawer where I store my tubes. Look away! These are not the Tubes you are looking for!


Maybe PS Audio could increase revenue by offering SS upgrade services to replace tube stages in their equipment? Yeah, that was in jest, but stranger things have happened. :sunglasses:

Jason at Schiit Audio recently said on one of their videos that they are concerned about the availability of tubes that they are looking into making their own.

this too shall pass

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Seems they stopped making all the fantastic ones about 50 years ago anyway. :wink:

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Doesn’t quite ring true that a guy who owns a tube factory in Russia would be upset that the Chinese competition is going offline for a while. Smells like he’s trying to move some product by creating a fear of scarcity.


You may very well be right. Or, since he said they’re already at 100% capacity he’s easing the way towards higher prices.

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Or both, trying to move more product and at higher prices.

I have a lifetime supply of the tubes I use. Probably two lifetimes.

Luckily all I care about are Valvo Blue Label 6201s and TFK ECC801S’es. Nobody making either of those anymore. Have plenty of both. :grin:

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Doesn’t just apply to vaccum tubes, the supply chain is breaking down and it’s affecting every industry. I was lucky to locate the refrigerator I wanted online, as there were none available locally, and many retailers didn’t know when they would be available. If you anticipate needing anything in the near future, order it now. This manufactured problem isn’t going away any time soon.


I have it on Good Authority that the Sky is Falling as well.


Regarding the initial post and subsequent speculation, this certainly wouldn’t be the first time a company offered a dire outlook in the hopes of increasing profits if the story (if it is just a story) were to take hold.

I guess we”ll know if this one is true by observing whether other interested parties (the Schiit example may be one already) react in ways that support this dire prediction, which will be evidence it may be true, or on the other hand if literally no other companies react in a way consistent with the dire prediction story having merit.

Time will tell, as it always does. Really hoping this is not true……

A supposed “shortage” will increase what? Who has most to gain from such an increase?

Regardless, I just ordered a rectifier sampler pack from Brent Jesse, so I got some GT straights, coke bottles and balloons on the way.

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Maybe you don’t get out much, the inventor at stores everywhere is low. There are building supplies, appliances, and other goods that haven’t been available for weeks. Even PSA has mentioned that they’re having issues sourcing certain components.