Rythmik Subs and Stellar S300

So do the Rythmik subs, when using the high level inputs, have any similar connectivity issues with the Stellar S300 (Class D amp in general) like the REL’s or other subs do re: grounding?

Yes, if you are going to use the speaker level inputs you will have to connect the ground cable on the amp end to an alternative ground.

Cool…thanks. So the ground would be done in the same manner as Paul described for the REL’s I assume.

Yes, I use a separate wire stripped on both ends to tie the two negative leads together on the amp end and then run that wire to the grounding point on another piece of gear like a phono pre or line conditioner.

Can somebody explain the issue here for the benefit of those who might not know.

The ground terminal on Class D amps is not a true ground so you have to give the subwoofer’s amp a ground from another source.

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I’m driving two Rythmik L12 subs off my M700 through a Jensen transformer as the L12 don’t have high-level inputs.

No separate ground to another device and zero hum, hiss or otherwise.

Mine is the F12SE. Just rcvd it and waiting for power cord and speaker cables.

With the A370PEQ amp with HPF outputs and speaker level inputs?

I would ask Enrico tech@rythmikaudio.com or Brian briand@rythmikaudio.com at Rythmik what they recommend.

Don’t they share a common ground via the earth pin on the power cable?

The Jensen provides the alternative ground. I own two F12SE’s in the Main system and two F12G’s in the Family Room system and have had the discussion with both Brian and Enrico. They will stick to their guns on running it off of the preamp to prevent problems from improper high level input and based on the number of times this question gets asked on this forum alone I don’t blame them. My method works without buying extra devices and is exactly what REL recommends as does Paul with the BHK amps which have the same grounding issues. The Jensen device is what you had to do to connect speaker level the OP does not have that problem.

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No, it’s not enough and different type of ground.

Would you be able to provide a picture or diagram of your grounding solution? Thanks.

Does the ground wire need to be the same gauge as the speaker wires?

No. My sub cables are 12 gauge and the ground wire is a single 20 gauge cable from a auto speaker kit. Just use what you have laying around.

Thank you!