S300 w/ Rel & Capped Speaker Wires

First Post. Thank you. Soon my Rel sub will arrive and I plan to connect High Pass & .1 as recommended for Class D leaving the black wire off and taped.

Here’s my dilemma or should I say need? I’d like to regularly move the bookshelfed speakers back and forth to stands for serious listening. At the same time not fuss with the connections behind the amp.

May I run an extra set of speaker wires on the unused binding posts and cap the ends of the unused speaker wires? Will this have any impact on the subwoofer function or overall system sound?


Welcome! So if I understand properly, when you go back and forth putting the speakers on stands, would you be disconnecting the cables in the back or the speaker every time?

Hey James! Thanks for chiming in. Yes, I would be disconnecting at the speaker. The speaker wire running through various channels of bookcase is best left alone and I was hopping to run another set of wires directly to the stand mounts. I would occasionally swap the speaker location and put a rubber sleeve on the wires which are not being used unless not recommended. Acces to the rear of the amp for me would be more time consuming.

Gotcha, that makes complete sense. Yes, if you put some kind of rubber cap on the cables so that they don’t short, that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Cool! Now with that in mind, the rel sub will only be high-pass wired to one terminal set of the amp. Will the sub still operate without repositioning to the other terminals when I do the speaker swapping?

I really appreciate your input. I’ve been searching the subject for a while, but I’m obviously not versed on the basics.

Shouldn’t be a problem. You may run into a problem a lot of other folks do when the amp is in standby. The REL will just simply hum. In order to stop this from happening, run a single ended/RCA cable from the REL to any open single ended jack you have in the system. If you’re using the balanced input on the S300, one of the single ended inputs will be perfect for this. Obviously not for signal, but just to make a true ground connection.

Quite clear! I was most concerned about some detrimental reversed signal with the unused wires.

I’ve been enjoying this forum for the last year since I picking up your Stellar Phono and really like the level of camaraderie. Glad to be here.

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the community and glad you like the phono pre! I’d say both this community and the phono pre ain’t half bad! :grin: :smile: