S300 amp hiss/white noise from tweeter normal?

What I don’t understand is that people pay thousands on USB cables and re clockers but hiss is OK.

Food for thought this weekend.

Ook goed weekeinde, zat te denken aan een lang weekeinde Griekenland, daar is net onverwacht een vakantie huisje vrij gekomen :wink:


Go for the holiday house!

Nah too much bad public relation.

Good point. But it still sounds nice.

Our king and queen thought so, they got burned because the prime minister had just strongly advised the Dutch citizens not to go on vacation during holiday this fall. Next day on the press conference the government got asked if that applied to all Dutch, they confirmed and explained again why it’s so important. They did not know that at that very moment the king and queen were transported by the government airplane to their vacation home in Greece.

So being there just a few hours the bad publicity reached there too and they decided to return immediately.

I understand now. I was unaware of this event and the reference you were making. Thank you for explaining.

It was the holiday in the fall, my mistake (not spring as I had typed it before I corrected it). In certain European countries the schools have a week break in the fall around this time.

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Well he is consistent. In his kings speach in September before next years budget was presented by the government, he regretted that many Dutch will need to face less income, but that same budget contained the increase of his income by 5 %.

A couple of weeks later the same government strongly advises not to go on vacation and the next day the king takes the government airplane and leaves to Greece for vacation.

Consistent and from a selfish perspective no such a “sukkel” after all.

Where is Robin Hood?

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It’s very rare in audiophile circles to have hiss, in any form, called a desirable thing :hugs:

Did I do that…?