S-300 noise while in Stand-by

Hello, just bought the S-300 with the stellar gain cell dac, just noticed that while the amp in on standby i hear noise coming out of the amp, nothing loud but similars to when computer is processing something, just really faint clicks. Once the amp is on, the noises go away. Wonder if thats just normal when the amp is on stand-by, thanks

Sounds like it might be grounding problem. Call PS Audio on Monday and they can help.

Indeed, we’re here and happy to help. Give us a shout at 1-800-psaudio

Thanks will do

Just disconnected everything interconnects, and speaker cables and still having same faint clicks, also even after i disconnect the power cord it still doing the same little noises for a few seconds before the LEDs turn off completely. Also changed outlets, and still doin it. Seems to be an issue just when the unit is in stand by mode. weird. will call Monday for sure. By the way thanks for the quick response.