DIY Binding Post Switches

Hi Everyone!

I’m excitedly awaiting delivery of a GainCell & S300 this afternoon. I’m (hopefully) upgrading from a stereo receiver that has a speaker A/B switch, which the S300 doesn’t have. I have 2 pairs of speakers pointed to different parts of my room and switch between them at least a couple of times every day. To avoid fiddling with the back every time, I was thinking about making a simple on/off switch for each of the 4 binding posts so I could turn two off and the other two on whenever I wanted to switch speakers. I’m imagining it would go S300 binding post → male banana-like connector>switch>new binding post → speaker wire. It seems to me that this would be a simpler, cheaper, and more “pure” solution than those switch boxes.

Does anyone here with any technical knowledge know if that would be a bad idea for any reason? Or things to make sure to do or not do when putting it together? PS Audio support recommended turning the amp off to switch, but weren’t sure beyond that.

I appreciate any advice!

There are a few speaker switch boxes available but you can also make a set of switches. If you are just doing 2 pair of speakers you can use a pair of “double pole double throw” “on-off- on” toggle switches that will make sure that both sets of speakers cannot be connected at the same time. I would use screw terminals and you will have to make some adapters or make a box with speaker terminals wired to the switches.

Accommodate used to make a 4 pair speaker switch that was very high quality with 5 way binding posts, high quality wiring and no impedance switch. You might be able to find one used.