Salk speakers

dose anyone here have or heard. the salk soundscapes 8,what are your throughts.

Yes, I’ve heard them. Apart from saying I liked them best out of the whole SS line, I’m not sure what else to say. They’re a nice sounding pair of speakers, and Jim’s veneering and finish work is as good as it gets. The thing that always threw me a little with Salk speakers (when I was hearing a lot of them, some half dozen years and more back) was that a customer could ask for a mod - “hey Jim could you use (fill in the blank) tweeter (midrange, bass driver) in your arsenal instead of what’s spec’d?”, and it’d be “sure, I can do that”. As a potential customer it always made me feel like “what day of the week is this?” when I was listening to one of his speakers. I never came away confident that I’d know what to ask for if I were to go for one of his speakers. Having said that, I’ve heard it tell he doesn’t do so much of that customization anymore.

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I have his ss9.5 speakers. They sound wonderful at least as far as I’m concerned. They are also beautifully made and can at least from a cosmetic stand point be made to your liking.

If you tell him your musical likes and dislikes and what your goals are he can guide you to what he feels the best model for you would be. If you go to, they have a forum there and there is list of people that will let you come and listen to their speakers.

They are made to your order, so the timeline from placing your order to delivery can be awhile. I happened to be in Michigan when mine were finished, so I just went to his shop and picked them up.

My speaker is the Grey one


An update on Salk Sound for those not aware of what has transpired. Sadly, Jim is retiring and nobody in the family is interested in taking over the reins of the business. He had potential buyers in CSS Audio. But after a couple of months of working with the team in Pontiac, the owners of CSS Audio declined to purchase the operation. Once existing orders are shipped, Salk is winding down, selling all assets and will cease operations as a manufacturer of bespoke loudspeakers.

There are thousands of us across the country and around the world who own Jim’s handcrafted beauties (two pair in my case). They integrate beautifully with my PSA electronics. Salk will be sorely missed. Heavy sigh. :frowning_face: