Schiit Freya+ with Stellar M700s

Has anyone tried this combo? I already have the Freya and am thinking of picking up the M700s to replace a Schiit Audio Vidar. Thanks.

Welcome! Well, I haven’t heard this combo, but I have heard systems with the Freya in it and was quite pleased. It seems like a resolving preamp with good clarity. The M700s are very transparent with a warmer signature, so I think they would mate well together.

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Thanks. I am happy with the Freya+ but the Vidar I have now shuts down too often with my Magnepan LRSs. Hoping the M700 will be up to the task.


The M700s will do great with the LRS. They’ll drive them with authority and you won’t have to worry about them going into protection.


I HIGHLY recommend using xlr cables from the Freya+ to the M700’s, even if something inexpensive like Audioquest’s Red River xlr. (I have Audioquest’s red river xlr and Cardas Parsec xlr and switch back and forth, with the more expensive Cardas being smoother and cleaner and the more affordable Audioquest having more bloom with female vocals but not as clean).
Although I have not heard the Freya+ to M700’s, I have heard the SGCD to the M700 and the BHK Pre to the M700. I suspect the Freya+ to M700’s will be a great combo. If you do get the M700’s please let everyone know how your combo sounds.


LRS’s are notorious, I understand. (Moreso than the .7’s, which i have.)

What I would do is order a second Vidar, AND the M700’s – and compare.

I’m no expert, but I would think that monoblock Vidars might be a better A/B against the M700’s than a single Vidar.

Keep what works best.

I miss my Freya +

Thanks. Yes, I plan to utilize the balanced inputs.

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The LRS get the gas mileage of a dump truck :joy:

A year ago I researched the Freya extensively. For the money, hard to beat, especially with the right tubes.

Using 2 Vidars was my first idea but I found out that several people have tried using Vidars as monoblocks into the LRSs with bad results. The Vidars aren’t rated at 4 ohms as monoblocks. As I understand it, Schiit used to rate them but changed that on their website after the reported failures.
There have been reports of people doing this with success so, good for them but I’m reluctant to try it.

Or a Ferrari which is how they perform!:laughing:

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I originally had the PS Audio S300 + a DSJ with the LRS. The S300 didn’t match well with the LRS. I considered the M700 with the Freya. Long story short, and too much time on YouTube, led me to Hegel integrated amps which are lauded for their ability to drive Magnepans on a budget. I couldn’t find many glowing M700 w/ the LRS reviews, so I auditioned the Hegel H90 which blew away the PSA S300. Now I have my eye on the Hegel H190.

The M700’s are assuredly better than the S300 with the LRS. I’d also consider auditioning Hegel as well. A couple of authorized online dealers have 30 day Hegel home trials. Just an idea.

Good to hear—my LRS’ are 12 weeks away, and my M700s about 2—Thanks Jake!!!

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I know. I’ve spent too much time on YouTube as well. Saw the excellent Hegel reviews but can’t afford the Hegels.

What replaced the Freya+ ?

I brought Hegel up thinking you have the $3K M700’s and the $900 Freya, that’s $4K. Then there’s the PSA trade in for the M700’s, so maybe $2300 for those? That’s $3200 for the M700 + Freya.

The Hegel H95 is $2000. But I recently saw a new H90 for $1499. I’d skip the H120, it’s just the unpopular Rost repackaged. The H190 is $4000 retail, but there are open boxed for 15% off, could bargain for more off.

To my math, unless I missed something, the Hegels are in a similar price category to the M700 + Freya… The H90/95 drives the LRS quite well. And the H190 would just be a lot more juice. I think the H390 ($6000?) and the H590 ($11K) would be a bit much for the LRS.

I concluded, perhaps not entirely correctly, that the LRS do best with Pass Labs, or Hegels on the cheap.

This is my den/office system, where I originally had an Audiolab 8000A integrated I bought used on Craigslist for $300.

Then I found this forum, read about the cute Sprout100, and simply had to have it. So I bought a sprout, lived with it for a month or two, but I preferred the Audiolab. Never found a good use for the sprout, so I sold it.

Then I wanted a Stellar Phono Pre, and somehow got talked into the full stack. SGCD + M700’s. :crazy_face: The phono pre was possessed by demons, and the stack just didn’t do it for me. Plus it was comically massive in the den, so I returned the lot and I went back to the Audiolab.

A few months later I read a review of the Freya+ and Aegir monoblock combo, so I thought, THIS is going to be heaven. So I bought them. They were great, but again I still felt that it was just too much in my den. I sold the Schiit stuff and I went back to the Audiolab.

And here we are. With a $300 integrated that I like better than anything else.

But I think about that Freya+ and what it might sound like paired with different power amps. I feel like I’ll get another one someday, but I have no real need for it. Yet.


I probably should have also said “I’m not willing to part with the Freya right now”. Actually, I’m not really ready to part with the Vidar either. My thinking was to try some power amps in lieu of the Vidar and I don’t see Hegels in my price range. I know their integrateds are supposed to be the bomb but that’s not really what I’m looking for. But thanks :blush:.

The M700’s certainly won’t be driven into protection mode by the LRS. It’s a worthy option to audition.

The LRS have yet to make my Hegel into protection mode, by they do make it run very very hot. I bought the AC Infinity fan below and now the Hegel runs super cool. It was too hot to touch before, now can’t feel any heat at all. The Vidar is small, but if you’re otherwise happy with the Vidar, maybe a fan would eliminate the shutting down?

Thanks. I hadn’t thought about a fan. Unfortunately, the profile of the Vidar would make this fan look quite a bit clumsy and I am a bit of a neat freak. :sunglasses:


Yes, that particular fan I used would not work as the Vidar is too small. But figuring out a fan based solution might save you a lot of money. The LRS are inexpensive speakers that require expensive amplification.