Best sub for Maggie LRS's

Waiting for my Maggie LRS to ship. Sold my SVS 12" sub and have heard that Maggies like smaller, faster subs. I know most will suggest REL subs, which is where I am leaning, but are there other subs that might go well with the LRS? This is 2 channel stereo use only.

Rythmik subs factory direct from Texas.


I’ve been exceedingly happy with a pair of their smallest subs

I don’t think of subs as fast or slow, rather controlled or not. I had one amp go out within the first couple months (infant mortality) and they sent a replacement quickly. No issues for nearly 3 years since.

I’m using a Jensen high-level to single-ended transformer to drive the subs from my main monoblocks vs. single-ended from preamp. Much better blend with mains.

I like my Rhythmik F-12SE! Nice and tight, seems to go well with my Maggies.


I think they are tough to beat.

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Wow, $550 for a servo controlled 12" sub. That sounds interesting.

Coincidentally, I heard some LRS’s this past weekend at a party. The host was powering them with a Cary Audio tube amp and preamp and PS Audio DSD/DMP. The sound was just fantastic.
(He didn’t have a sub and it wasn’t missed)

Pick up the phone and talk to the owner Brian Ding at Rythmik he won’t steer you wrong and more bang for the buck than REL especially if you buy multiples. I have a pair of F12’s in two different systems.

How is it so many people in your life have a nice stereo? I literally am the only audio nut in my fairly wide circle of friends and family. In addition, very few of my friends even give my system 2 seconds of attention. They just don’t care. I will admit to avoiding audio clubs, etc. on purpose.


I have some friends who are audio enthusiasts and they have friends, etc.
And I found the hi-fi world open up just as I did with cars.
I belong to a car group that constantly blows my mind when I find what cars exist in my “neighborhood”. For example there’s a Lancia Aurelia around the corner from me. And I only found that car because I happened to be sipping coffee, eating a scone at Able Baker and I started chatting with a guy who drove up in a clapped out Bugeye Sprite. Suddenly, I sold him my Atlas amp and when we went into his garage for tools, there was the Lancia. Eyes open, antennae up.


Pair of REL S3 subs. When they open up after a month or two, they are amazing. I don’t even hear them except when I turn them off and wow where is the low end. They match up with my SF Guareni Evolution mains superbly. Definitely fast enough…

Curious about that transformer- where do you find one of those? Thanks!

Another vote for Rythmik. It’s absurd that they are so musical not just thump, thump for the insanely low cost. Apparently next gen servo control is the secret sauce.

What amp/ pre etc you driving them with? I heard them at axpona. Right room / right front end and you will get a nice slice of magic.

I used Veleodyne DD10+ with my CLX, and the digital EQ really nicely. Always get TWO subs, and my mistake was the room was WAY, WAY too big for 10" subs! It’s 14.4 wide 9.5 tall and 40 feet long. So ask questions about the VOLUME of the room because you want the subs to not be driven to hard on those louder days.

Once I looked at the VOLUME, I had to go with 2 x Martin Logan BF212 subs to fill the room right. I have two brand new DD10+ subs in boxes. So don’t do it twice like I did. Check the rooms requirements several times before you pick subs.

I like bass FELT more than heard, so I go for that sound over warmer subs. Smaller subs overdriven are not the same as a bigger sub properly driven, either. The less the cone moves the better to remove doppler distortion and tighter, crisper sound. I know bass isn’t “crisp” per say (listen to JUST the subs by themselves!) but they are very evidently different with music.

Go around and listen for the basic “type” of sound a sub provides. Velodyne, REL, Fathom and the like are more crisp sounding from my experiences. Vented subs can be cheaper, but tend to BLUMP it in one spot more than an air suspension sub. For music, I prefer air suspension.

Have fun!

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Are Rythmik the only servo controlled subs out there for $550? I don’t think I’ve seen servo controlled subs that low before. I would think it would be ideal for Maggies.

I would listen to whatever you’re thinking of buying before buying. Subs can be wonderful or awful, flabby things. You don’t want to ruin the wonderful virtues of your Maggies.

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Why not try the Magnepan DWM Bass Panels? I have the 3.6’s with two DVM’s and I have changed my subs to only play on movies. The Panels allow me to go down to about 24 hz @ -3db and best part is they are just such a good match for the 3.1’s , and all other Maggies. Just follow the instructions on the Maggie site for the setup, proper setup is very important!! Good luck! Actually with the DWM’s you won’t need luck. They may not go as low as a sub technically, but they will sound like they do, why? no flabby bass, just solid tight bass.

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Yeah, those look interesting, but I’ve read that setup can be a chore and they don’t always fit a room as easily as a more conventional sub will. That’s what I’ve read at least, no personal experience.