Schuko v UK 3 pin

Hello everybody,

Iam new to your forum, I’ve been hearing some great things about the directstream DAC so went to listen here in the UK at Brian and Trevors and loved the musicality of it! So ordered there and then. So I’m sat here ripping CD’s and reading some posts…

Sorry to digress, I have been looking to put a P5 into my system but I’m usure which to go for. Either the UK which is 3 pin but fused or the european schuko, no fuse. Both are 220-230 volt. I would connect to mains with UK then from the P5 to equipment using AC5 schuko or UK. Has anybody heard a difference?

Welcome, AccuSteve!

You live in one of the most gorgeous parts of the world, with gracious and interesting people.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing to offer to answer your question. Hopefully someone will come along to help.

The Shuko is a much more popular format of outlet we sell, but not because it’s better, because it’s used in more countries. For my money, I’d stick with the UK style - despite the small fuse - the UK male plugs are the best I have yet seen, better even then the US style IMHO.