Which socket type do you use for hifi?

I use type G (UK / Hong Kong) simply because of where I am from, when I got interested in hifi few years ago I did not know anything about anything, so I bought my power cables and Stellar P3 in the UK/HK socket type variant as well.

While no regrets there, I’ve seen many debates online over superiority of certain socket types, so I’m interested in hearing from you folks here, do you just use the socket type of where you live or you chose a specific type that you find superior?

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An interesting question. I look forward to the responses.

Don’t know if it makes a difference of any kind, but in my case I’ve gone all Schuko.

I’ve gone all Schuko too, simply i’m in 230V country
P3 user here

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Yup 220v here. The thing with the Schuko is just the feel of strength and connection sturdiness, going into my iFi Audio PowerStation. Nothing ever moves.

Hi @cheongchaklaw
Have you considered replacing fuses inside the plugs? I replaced all factory-installed Bussmann 13A fuses with AMR fuses. What an improvement!

Same with @efete and @leean, I’ve gone all Schuko. Also because I feel it’s more kid friendly where the connection is indented and fully covered.

Before deciding on going all Schuko, I did have a look at the UK/HK/BS-1363 and one thing I didn’t like was that they’re all fused, not the power distributors but the plugs themselves, so another element power has to pass through.

With NEMA/US, if the cord is too heavy, it hangs off leaving a little gap that’s exposed. At least Shunyata has some kind of cradle with their newer power distributors. Also, the NEMA/US cables are usually wired backwards in terms of polarity from where I live, at least with Schuko I can easily flip polarity.

Anyways, can’t say that any of them will improve sound quality.

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