Schumann Resonance & mains grid

Well, it’s certainly interesting that the Schumann frequency is being utilized to locally improve mains quality in general.
Of course, our mains grid has always worked under the Schumann resonance(s), so maybe it’s only natural that strengthening such an ELF field makes equipment perform better…
I’d like to understand in technical terms how it shields from external EM garbage.

You can’t leave us out of the equation either, since we’ve only ever existed in this field. There is speculation that Resonators are working as much or more on one’s skull as on the stereo. Frankly doesn’t matter to me, as long as A) It sounds better and B) Doesn’t damage anything or anyone. Wouldn’t like to have to post a warning notice outside my listening room :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have one also powered by an Uptone LPS-1.2.

I wonder then… Are ELF EM pulses in general effective for “blocking” external interference? Does a low freq pulse “repel” EM interference with a recoil of sorts?
This is a very interesting subject