Schumann resonance generator - long-term experiences?

I understand these 7.83Hz generators were quite the rage about a decade ago.

I’m curious if any of you have one or more and report long term advantage/still use and like it. Please share your impressions and thoughts and feelings.

We and everything around us is resonant. It’s fundamental to the atoms that are matter. If we agree on this fact it reasons that an (sensitive) individual could sense ELF and/or the natural resonance being disrupted or made more normal.


I haven’t tried any of these almost-DIY generators so I can’t speak to them directly. That having been said, I have used for the past 7 years the Acoustic Revive RR-777 which is a Schumann ultra low frequency generator. I find the device’s effects to be subtle but still noticeable. To me the main area that’s enhanced is the sound stage – it becomes more spacious with a better separation of the instruments.

Here’s a review from Positive Feedback magazine: RR-777

Thanks. I believe I read that review while learning about the phenomena.

I first read about it in Jim Smith’s Get Better Sound. We have earthquakes every few months that are clearly felt. ~200 mile radius <mag 5.

I have a couple nice, old wood boxes. Perfect to house a small transducer. And 12V linear wall wart supplies. The board has everything else on it. This one has an LED disconnect too. No reason to run that circuit once you know it’s got power.

I need to learn how much energy we typically receive and how much was it before the industrial revolution.

I don’t know what the figures are. The following was gleaned from a Wikipedia entry on Electromagnetic Interference.

Prior to the adoption of electricity and electrical devices later in the 19th Century the sources of EMI were (and are) lightning strikes, sunspots and auroras.

In modern times they’d include (among other sources) radio and TV stations, mobile phones, electric power transmission lines, various types of transmitters, doorbell transformers, toaster ovens, electric blankets, ultrasonic pest control devices, electric bug zappers, heating pads, touch controlled lamps electric motors, transformers, heaters, lamps, ballast, power supplies.

It’s noted that radio frequency signal quality has declined throughout the 21st century by roughly one decibel per year as the spectrum becomes increasingly crowded.

I’ve been running for nearly a month two of the almost-diy units with cheap LPS (I could hear the switchers in the room) and I like what they do.

I don’t feel they’ve changed my perception of sound but I do feel more relaxed with them on. For this alone they are worth the low price of admission.

I have one that I felt improved the sound staging of my system when I was using a set of ACI Talismans but after changing to Tidal Piano Ceras, the Schumann generator did nothing. I’ve tried it in my second system ( KEF r500s, Decware ZenTorii, & DeHavilland UltraVerve III ) and it does nothing for me in that context either.

Until I read this, the only Schumann resonance generator I ever heard of was Clara.