Schumann Resonance & mains grid

Do you think there might be significant effect on the mains grids around the globe caused by changes in the Earth’s average EM frequency (which is just the net Schumann resonance)?

All that affects this are all the globe’s internal, atmospheric and the Sun’s EM effects at any given time.
Now, mu-metal is an alloy that can be used to efficiently block such low frequency fields, so I wonder… A regenerator inside a thick mu-metal casing would be a near perfect solution that manages to block even the planet’s effect on mains?

By extension, one would need to construct a mu-metal listening room, or you’re pissing up a rope.


Well yes, why not.
Notably, for the human to be in such an EM shielded room, I’d wager it’d be psychologically beneficial. We might constantly suffer from 5G intermodulating with the Earth’s main freq…
Just a hypothesis.

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For the ultimate “black background” with flagship speakers with far ultrasound extension, it’s not enough to have the chain regerated and well shielded. All the frequency noise all around will affect the performance.

@Michael_Fremer, paint your room with lead paint + mu-metal! Tell us if your black discs sound even cleaner.

Acoustic Revive, and other companies, market products that are supposed to actually generate Schumann field resonances that are said to be beneficial to the listening experience. Acoustic Revive, however, says to not place the resonator near audio equipment – only in the same room.

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Anybody remember Gordon and the wonderful debates we had about Schumann field black boxes. I still have three of them. At the time i did think the sound was improved, I have not experimented recently.

Gordon’s rise to stardom with his how to Upgrade the PWD 1 to PWD 2.

Wonder how he is doing?

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I don’t remember Gordon or the debates but will see if I can find them. I have been running an Acoustic Revive R777 (together with a KingRex MkII power supply) for years now and it does seem to me to have a subtle effect on the soundstage – more expansive and a bit more 3D.

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So… It utilizes the earth’s field, or blocks it? Or both?
Give some pictures of the setup and delve a bit into the specifics?

Btw do check this out!

Should I actually utilize this for my 3" long amplifier cord from Signalcable? It’s unshielded just to let the EM field “breath”, a good idea but other sensitive components might suffer. It’s drawing through Class A 500W constantly so it’s very thick, but the mu-metal shield conduit has a much larger radius, I guess it’d “let the signal breath”, but would like a mathematical expression of the field width before buying it.

According to Acoustic Revive, the RR-77 generates a 7.83Hz Schumann frequency pulse that ‘shields’ your HiFi electronics and listening room from radio frequency interference and thereby improves the S/N ratio so the electronics perform better.

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So in essence it’s similar to how a large area can be shielded from outside sound with phase inverting loudspeakers?
How would a device that generates a basic resonance work since the Earth’s field is constantly changing locally everywhere.
It should monitor the changes in the local field and block them invertly.
Just a hypothesis.

Yes, the basic frequency of around 7.8? surely is healing because we’ve lived with it until today, 5G is interrupting weather measuring, ughhh…
We might be disturbing the natural freq with all these ultrapowerful RF gimmicks. Heck

The 7.83Hz Schumann frequency is constant, not variable.

The device adds to the earth’s Schumann frequency. It does not block it.

Yes, but it’s not constant locally, it’s a global average.

Thunder storms, solar wind bursts, the planet’s iron core making moves… All electromagnetic phenomena, internally and externally, they have a certain ratio that leads to ~7.8Hz in terms of net frequency. But if you have a thunder storm over you, the field is altered locally and its effect contributes to the net 7.8Hz.

Also, how could a roomful of Schumann Resonance block wide bandwiths of RF garbage?
Is it… A HOLY frequency?

There is a lot of information available, including a Wikipedia article, Just Google.

I know. I hold the opinion that Schumann resonance at 8.7Hz is a global average resulting from all planetary and the Sun’s electromagnetic activity. It isn’t a static phenomenon, it’s an average from a plethora of electric things happening.
If you happen to be located at an area with strong activity, your local Schumann freq will be far from the global average. Go and listen to a high-end system near a magnetic pole.
(“I might be wrong”, by Thomas Yorkeshire and The Radioheads)

Now what about the poles changing position and some day even switching? Could happen. Not a doomsday, except, would we then have to switch our gear’s polarity? Haha.

…am I wrong?

Here’s from Wiki since you insisted:
" Effects on Schumann resonances have been reported following geomagnetic and ionospheric disturbances. More recently, discrete Schumann resonance excitations have been linked to transient luminous eventssprites, ELVES, jets, and other upper-atmospheric lightning."

Yes, Schumann resonances, as in, they are discrete local phenomena also, contributing to the average.
I don’t want to hear overhead aurora borealis rattling ultrasound through my tweeters. Joke, but interestingly aurora borealis do produce “sound”, it’s been clearly recorded, check it out.

I keep a cageful of bats placed 28.5in behind my sweet spot- their ultrasonic frequency opens up the soundstage impeccably, allowing one to discern what color pick the guitarist is using.


I have to thank you for this link.

Although I’ve had the Acoustic Revive RR-777 for years it’d been left in place for pretty much all that time across the room from my system and off to one side. It was elevated about 6’3" on top of a bookcase holding my records. Read the reviews in Amazon from your link, even had the ones in Japanese translated, and one reviewer mentioned how for him the elevation was critical and that once he dropped it to about 1m 40cm the effect went from subtle to quite noticeable.

In my case I dropped the unit one shelf down from the original 6’3" to 5’. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic but the effect went from subtle to anything but that. The soundstage expanded farther into the living room and the images solidified.

Tweaks are often laughed at and that’s fine. I especially like those who base their derision on science and measurements. Maybe the measurements sometimes look at inconsequential factors because the science isn’t nearly as developed as we may think. Not trying to get into a pissing contest with any one, just trying to express an opinion. And I know what is said about opinions, everyone has one.

Again, thank you Elk.

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Great news!

I am firmly in the camp of trying anything of interest. If it improves one’s experience and the benefit is worth the money paid it is a good tweak. :+1: