Separate vs single lines for internet & cable TV

Hi Folks,
Currently Xfinity is my ISP. I get cable TV via Dish.
I have the option to combine both internet and cable tv with xfinity. This would mean the same coax - the connection will mean the cable tv will need to be bridged with the current internet line.

I feel that this may be less favorable than 2 separate lines. Am i splitting hairs (though in this hobby that can give you a SQ bump) ?

We have had the Xfinity cable internet and TV for some years now. It is a great combination. They will slowly raise the rate and if you call and complain they will lower it back down. I would not recommend getting the phone service however.

We have Xfinity at our Florida home. TV is good and the internet is also good. The bandwidth of coaxial cable is way high enough to easily support both. We use a Canadian version of Xfinity at home with 5 wireless cable boxes and 1gb internet and the modem handles it easily.