Xfinity X-1

Wondering if anyone here is using an X-1 set top box from Xfinity/Comcast? Mine feeds the Stellar GCD and Stellar amp into a pretty good pair of speakers. Music from tidal and Roon sounds excellent. TV sound from the x-1 sounds like crap with way too much sibilance. I’ve tried the analog signal and toslink from the x-1 directly into the GCD and got similar results.
Can anyone suggest a fix? I’ve already traded my old x-1 in on a new one.

I’m using the toslink out of an Xfinity X-1 set top box, which feeds a sound-bar to good affect. But the sound-bar is definitely nothing hi end, so probably not revealing enough to produce any sibilance. I thought about adding something like the Kef LS 50 wireless powered speakers, and wondered myself what might be the best way to connect them. As far as I know, there is only the toslink, and analog outputs.
Have you tried going into the set top box’s preferences and switched between the two different audio outputs? I believe the two options are stereo PCM and Dolby 5.1.

I’m planning on ditching the Soundbar and moving to these with a spare small sealed sub.

John, try the optical out of the TV instead of the cable box.

I heard those speakers at RMAF and they sounded quite good, especially for the money.

Thanks, Gary. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll try it and get back to you

I’ll try that, but it seems like a longer signal path to me. i.e. HDMI from box to TV then toslink from tv to GCD. No?
But thanks

I couldn’t find audio output under preferences.


I agree, but in my system it works with no penalty and is an alternative if changing the limited settings on the X-1 box doesn’t work.

XFINITY button
Device setting

Thanks so much, Gary! I never would have found that one. Stereo output works, but sounds about the same. I guess I’ll try toslink out from the TV tomorrow.

I’ve tried everything, but the analog output from the x-1 seems to work best for me into the Stellar GCD. Maybe there’s a mismatch between the GCD and the X-1, and maybe I’m compromising other areas of frequency response, but I can’t handle the increased sibilance with the toslink connection. I’m done.