Internet Plan for Streaming Music

I stream Qobuz over the internet into the DS Sr. using the Bridge II. My current internet plan is the 200Mbps with Xfinity (Comcast) in the US. I would like to switch to the 75Mbps plan. Do you think I would notice a difference for streaming music?

There are two of us using the internet at any one time. We don’t use it for streaming TV. My wife occasionally watches videos on her laptop.


Our internet is pretty bad by current standards - about 20Mbps on a good day - and yet I don’t have any trouble streaming Qobuz. I should note, though, that our household doesn’t push our internet connection to extremes anyway. It’s just my wife and I, no kids. Neither of us are gamers, and when we stream TV shows or movies, we tend to do it together, with the stereo sitting idle. About the only time we come close to stressing our bandwidth is if I’m streaming music while she’s on a zoom meeting with one of her various art groups, and those have all gone smoothly.

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You should consider how many things will be using your internet connection simultaneously, especially streaming video. If you don’t have anything else going on, you could probably get away with a 10Mb connection if you can find one.

Good luck.

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Give it zero thought.

I used to be limited to “up to 20”. Now I use a reliable 5G provider for $50 a month that does 200 down, 120 up. Noice! The up to 20 provider never caused issues.

My only option for years was a 10mbps line. This was sufficiently fast.

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Thanks for your feedback everyone. :slight_smile:

It is just two of us. We don’t do any streaming other than music so going to the lower plan should be no problem.