Set local hosts for OSX (suggested Bubbleupnp setup)

I recently set up a small system since I’m away from my home In NYC until things quiet down there.

I wanted the new PS audio all in one streamer, but since it wasn’t available I went with a used Hegel H190 and new LSA 10 statement speakers (which are quite small but go to 32hz!

Setting up bubbleupnp on a new MacBook Pro, the directions mentioned failing to list the local hosts would cause Bubble to play slowly. I used Terminal window for the install but am not well versed.

Can anyone shed some light on - the system does run, but hoping to optimize it.

BTW I found decoding to WAV in Bubble sounded better than streaming flac to the Hegel.

And using bubble sounded much better than running mconnect server on an iPhone or iPad .